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Jasmine Jasmine Audio "TIGER" MC Cartridge B&W Ceramic Series

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Jasmine Jasmine Audio "TIGER" MC Cartridge B&W Ceramic Series

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New analog world with tradition and technology

Accurately picks up the sound of the groove and does not degrade it


We chose blue-and-white porcelain for the cartridge body from the perspective of Chinese culture and sound. We tested the sound quality of more than 10 types of porcelain carefully selected from the many types of porcelain in China, and after comparison and examination, we finally chose blue-and-white porcelain, which has a density close to that of aluminum and has the best sound.

The "dragon," "bird," "tiger," and "turtle" represent "protection," "good fortune," "power," and "longevity," respectively. All cartridges are assembled by hand by experienced engineers.

The performance of a cartridge depends primarily on a combination of factors, including

1. handling of resonance generated during tracking

If the resonance generated by stylus tracking fails to achieve damping or cannot be absorbed, it will bounce back to the stylus via the cantilever and interfere with normal stylus movement, causing sound quality degradation. Therefore, we design each cartridge to be priced according to its performance and select the appropriate materials and design to achieve a vibration isolation effect commensurate with the cartridge's performance. Therefore, the more expensive the cartridge, the higher its performance in eliminating the effects of resonance caused by the materials of its body and structural components.

2. selection of suspension tension and damping stiffness

Different cantilever materials require different suspension tensions and damping gaskets, which must be adjusted for optimal dynamic response. They are also important indicators for determining the resonant frequency of the stylus. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get the stylus to the proper needle pressure so that the groove signal is picked up quickly and accurately and does not resonate in the audio frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

3. cantilever length selection

Cantilever length also affects resonance frequency and response speed.

4. selection of number of coil turns and coil material

It is related to the internal resistance, inductance value, and output level of the cartridge.

5. selection of magnets and magnetic circuit design

Different types of magnets have different magnetic fluxes, and a high flux magnet can be used with a small number of coil turns. Conversely, a larger number of coil turns is required.

6. stylus tip structure selection

Different stylus tip structures have different contact surfaces with the grooves on the record disc, affecting the sound resolution. The better the tip structure, the more detailed the sound. The order is conical < elliptical < line contact < super line < micro ridge.

In other words, our cartridges are judged on the basis of price, performance, and functionality, and the above6They are selected and combined from the above three perspectives.

Sapphire Cantilever and Sivata Nature Diamond Stylus

"TIGER" MC cartridges use Japanese-made Sibata needles and sapphire cantilevers to more accurately recover record signals. Nature diamonds have higher hardness and longer service life.

Innovative resonance suppression structure & cantilever suspension structure

TIGER" delivers clean, detail-oriented sound performance.

Blue-white porcelain body, oriental musicality

Blue and white porcelain introduces bright Chinese cultural characteristics, pleasing to the eye and ear, it is the perfect combination of audio-visual.

Type MC Stereo
Body blue and white porcelain
Stylus Shivata Type 3, Nature Diamond
Cantilever Sapphire
Height 17mm
Weight 14.1g
Internal impedance (DC resistance)
Output level 0.28mv, 1 KHz @ 5cm/sec
Frequency response 20-20KHZ +/-1dB
Channel Separation > 29dB@1KHz
Channel Balance > 0.5dB
Recommended load >= 50 ohms
Optimum needle pressure 1.7 - 2.5g
Optimal tracking angle 20 degree
Compliance 16μm/mN

Jasmine's MC cartridge, B&W Porcelain series, is the company's high-end series. I purchased the Byakko, which uses a sapphire cantilever and a Shivata stylus. There are four models in this series, the Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, and Genbu, which are named after the four gods. The Blue Dragon has a Boron cantilever, the White Tiger has a sapphire cantilever, the Suzaku has an aluminum cantilever, and the Genbu has an aluminum pipe cantilever. The body is made of a settee with a bare vibrating system inside. As you can guess from the shape, the Porcelain series was designed with a great deal of care and aggression, and the sound is also very impressive. *Excerpt from Mr. Nagai's Facebook page at Bakoon Products

When listening to the combination of Bakoon's turntable and dynamic balun stone arm, the sound is very precise and tight. The sound is not the soft sound of the general image of analog, but rather a distorted sound if not adjusted properly. When customers come to listen to this sound, they all say that it has changed the way they think about analog records. This cartridge is that powerful, but it requires an appropriate arm and turntable, as well as precise tuning to demonstrate its true value.As is common with all Jasmine products, the sound far exceeds expectations for the price.*Mr. Nagai, Bakoon Products

Let's change the cartridge, shall we?
Mr. Nagai changed the cartridge from DL-103 to Jasmine's high-end ceramic series cartridge,

After adjusting the needle pressure and so on, let's listen to the sound,
Oh...! This is a completely different thing! The sound coming out of a SATRI flat speaker with an adapter using a ceramic cartridge is so vivid that I have never heard such an analog sound! The sound is so lively and bouncy,

I was groaning and groaning, but it was time for me to go home,
Finally, let me play an old classical music disc.
It was recorded in the 50's, but the sound is so fresh and lively that it is hard to believe that it was recorded more than 60 years ago. This is a time machine, isn't it?Kazuma Nishino's Audio in the Western Pure Land Part 2