Jasmine-Audio is now available

Jasmine Audio was founded in 2001 by a group of dedicated audiophiles with a passion for sound.
The brand name is derived from the famous Chinese song "Jasmine Flower.

The founder, Michael Yee, was involved in the research and development of several brands, focusing on the core technology of record products.
The result is a product with an innovative design that produces a smooth, musical, and highly engaging sound that has become a household name. Jasmine Audio's dynamics, linearity, and smoothness are unmatched by any other product. The brand is the embodiment of technology and passion.

Jasmine products are made with the utmost attention to detail and all components are crafted by highly experienced and technically skilled engineers.
Our passion for sound doesn't stop at the design stage. It is also evident in the strict quality control during manufacturing, where each product is meticulously assembled by hand by a team of experts.

LP5.0 TBPS Fully Balanced Phono equalizer

JS-TA297 12" carbon straight tone arm

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