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Jasmine Audio LP5.0 TBPS fully balanced phono equalizer

Product code: lp5-tbps

Jasmine Audio LP5.0 TBPS fully balanced phono equalizer

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-Lithium battery DC power supply
MC step-up transformer
-Adjustable load impedance
-Fully balanced circuit

LP5.0 TBPS is a noise-free phono stage

Phono stages most need fully balanced connections.
Balanced connections are the foundation for isolating background noise.
This is an important factor that has long been ignored by audiophiles.

The next generation of high-end sound.

Interface INPUT: 3*XLR balanced
OUTPUT: 1*XLR balanced
Gain (@1kHz) MM: 44dB
MC: 10X=63dB, 20X=68dB
RIAA EQ -0.03~ +0.05dB (20Hz to 20KHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio MM: < 0.03% (20Hz to 20KHz)
MC: < 0.2% (20Hz to 20KHz)
Load Impedance MM = 12K/15K/20K/25K/30K/35K/47K/100K/160K
MC (10x) = 120/150/200/250/300/350/470/1K/1.6KQ
MC (20x) = 30/38/50/63/75/88/118/250/400
Input capacitance MM/MC = 100pF
Battery 5200mAh-7.4V lithium battery
Power adapter DC 12V/1A
Power consumption 0.8 W
Weight 5.8 Kg
Size 319 (W) x 306 (D) x 124 (H) mm