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Jasmine Jasmine Audio JS-TA297 12" Carbon Straight Tone Arm

Product code: js-ta297

Jasmine Jasmine Audio JS-TA297 12" Carbon Straight Tone Arm

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Carbon wand, absorptive resonant bonded structure

Carbon fiber is an ideal material for tone arms because of its low mass, excellent rigidity, and resonance prevention effect due to its fiber structure.

Effective oil damping design

The large damping oil in the JS-TA297 ensures that the tone arm moves stably and provides fresh and vivid sound with excellent dynamic and bass performance.

Minimized tracking distortion

Moderate anti-skating and counterweight control

Effective length 309mm
Distance between pivot and spindle 297mm
Overhang 12mm
Offset angle 16.9°
Peak distortion rate <=0.5%
Null point 61.60mm, 118.06mm
Compatible cartridges min.5, max.17g
Effective mass 13g
Gross weight 585g