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Yamamoto Sound Craft
YS-500 38cm speaker 1 piece

Product code: ys500

Yamamoto Sound Craft  YS-500 38cm speaker 1 piece

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This is a made-to-order product. Price is for one unit. It takes about 2-3 months for delivery.

A unique work that makes you want to explore the labyrinth of sound

High-performance 2-way system with wood horns at its core

The YS-500 is a 2-way speaker system built around the SS-500 wood horn. The speaker units employ a 38cm diameter woofer and a 1-inch throat horn driver unit. Both units employ neodymium magnets to achieve a high conversion efficiency of 98dB/W/1m with a powerful magnetic circuit. This high sensitivity is a great attraction to obtain sufficient sound pressure with a vacuum tube amplifier of only 1-2W output. The frequency response is 35 Hz to 18,000 Hz, the crossover frequency is 1,200 Hz, and the impedance is 8 ohms, making it easy to use with both tube and transistor amplifiers. The SS-500 wood horn is a high-performance horn manufactured by laminated cherry wood and machined from it. The most important feature of this horn is its extremely smooth frequency response.

Rear open enclosure that inherits the advantages of a flat baffle is used.

The enclosure of the YS-500 employs an open rear surface and bottom surface. The flat baffle system is characterized by a lively and responsive sound.
The YS-500 uses a flat baffle enclosure with an open rear surface, YS-500 is designed to have the same characteristics as a flat baffle of 1m x 1m in size with its dimensions of 460mm left and right and 560mm deep. As a result, the system is characterized by a clear, lively sound with moderate frequency response. The enclosure is a combination of laminated cherry wood with good sound quality, and the connections are reinforced with solid asada cherry wood. Cherry wood has a good resonance used for musical instruments and provides a beautiful resonance that resonates in the heart.

Brass angles are placed on the back of the woofer unit, and African ebony blocks are used for the legs.

6dB/oct system with excellent phase response is used for the network

A 6dB/oct type with excellent phase response is used for the crossover network. This is because it provides a natural connection between units and has excellent phase characteristics. The network circuit consists of only three parts, including the attenuator for level adjustment. For the filter coil, a copper foil coil with a 100W capacity cut core is used, and for the capacitor, a polypropylene capacitor from Dearborn of the United States is used, sealed in an ebony case. For speaker terminals, large terminals machined from pure copper are used to ensure perfect sound quality.

For the woofer unit, brass angles are used to reinforce the magnetic circuit on the back side. This reduces the effect of the reaction of the woofer unit's driving parts and helps to improve the sound quality in the low frequency range. The legs are made of African ebony, and these legs raise the enclosure by approximately 25mm, allowing air to circulate from the bottom of the enclosure for natural sound expansion.
The perforated aluminum net included in the enclosure does not absorb sound as a typical saran net does, thus reducing the impact on sound quality.
Model Rear-opening 38cm 2-way speaker system
Speaker Unit 38cm woofer unit, 1-inch throat driver unit, SS-500 wood horn
Enclosure Material Asada cherry laminated wood, 21mm thick, urethane coating
Output sound pressure level 98dB/W/1m
Recommended Power Amplifier Output 1W or more (for tube amplifiers)
Crossover frequency 1200Hz
Frequency Response 35Hz~18,000Hz
Dimensions 460(W)x996x(H)x560(D)mm
Weight 38kg

Although it appears to be a simple floor-standing system, it is in fact a rear-opening system with no rear or bottom baffle, but rather a folded flat baffle. The unit uses a 38-diameter woofer and a one-inch-throat horn driver, both current models. Both drivers are current models, with the driver believed to be of Italian origin and the woofer of U.S. origin. The horns are made of Yamamoto's own SS500 laminated cherry wood, and the cabinet is made of the same laminated wood, with the joints reinforced with asada cherry wood. No sound-absorbing materials are used, but the woofer magnetic circuit is held in place by metal rods. The crossover network is a simple 6dB/oct type. A large cut-core inductor is used for the low-pass. The high pass condenser is housed in an ebony case. To all intents and purposes, this is a totally unique 2-way system.

The total baffle area is about 1.5 square meters, so it should have no bass, but the fact is, surprisingly, it has a straightforward and well-balanced bandwidth. The system's straightforward push without any false impression is pleasantly pleasing. When I set the compensator on the Accuphase C2810 preamplifier to the "1" position, the open strings of a wood bass began to roar with great energy. The orchestral string basses were also moderately extended and rather over the top at 2. Nevertheless, it is certainly a theatrical speaker that competes with the penetrating power of its midrange and the thickness of its lines. If possible, I would like to explore the labyrinth of sound by pairing it with a vacuum tube amplifier, a magical and unique work.