Deal in 2nd hand

Polite assessment of a good-looking part
You can receive the assessment results by simply shipping the product from your home.
You can use it even if you are busy because you do not choose time.


Inquiry form. In the case of inquiry, please select "purchase hope" and select the status of the product name of hope and the state of rough products. We will reply the approximate purchase price.
If you wish to sell your own identification card (driver's license, etc.), please add a copy of your own identification, etc., fill in and print on the submission and purchase application form and send it by PDF or mail. In addition, if the regulation of the Old Sales Act allows falsehoods to the document description content, we will refuse (or purchase). Procedures for minor years require an identification card (copy) of parent and parents and a trade-in purchase agreement.

Application For application form Here Download it more.

* Please note that if you are a product that does not match our store handling, please note that you will not be refused.


Please carefully pack the product to prevent damage to the cardboard box etc. and ask the courier service. In the case of trade-in, we will consult with various products, amounts, amounts, and other conditions that you can purchase.

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The item arrives next, the buyer will assess one point 1 point.
We will inform you of the amount of assessment to your contact information such as email, phone or phone.


If you are convinced to the assessment amount, you will be transferred to your designated account. In the case of the exchange difference payment, the exchange difference determined after the scheduled trade-off item can be selected for the same payment method as general product. (Bank transfer, credit card, cash on delivery, etc.) At the time of estimated precedence, we will guide you to the exchange difference of expenses.
If you are not convinced, we will return the product you sent.