About lending

We accept auditioner lending. The lending period is one week.
If you would like to lend a lending, please refer to a card with a face photo that matches the credit card and the current address (shipping destination).
Please submit a copy of your ID card with email or fax, and please give me a credit card company's site that emails a certificate of temporary settlement by email.
The temporary settlement is canceled when the return of the auditioner is confirmed without problems.
I am sorry if the address and shipping address of the identification notice does not match, or if the credit card settlement does not pass, I can not lend it.
* Credit card payment is performed if the auditioner is not returned even after the lending period.
In addition, if there is damage to the auditioner, the repair fee will be charged from the credit card payment.

Loanable manufacturer
Bacoon Products
Astro Electronic Planning
* There is also a device that can not be prepared by the auditor.

You can also listen to our shop. If you would like to listen, please let us know your preferred manufacturer's device.
Some manufacturers and products that deal with our shop can be made to be able to (It may not be available by the schedule)
The auditionable time zone is 10:00 to 15:00 on weekdays.
We will notify you of the scheduled date from our shop, so please select the desired date and time.
* We are refusing for a while after the coronavirus.

Listenable manufacturer
Analoglylax (KOI-OTO cartridge only)
Astro Electronic Planning
Bacoon Products
Excel sound
FAL (some speakers only)
Lab of Teragaki
Yoshida acoustic
* It may not be possible to prepare a listening machine due to models and circumstances.