About overseas shipping

Shipping method

Overseas shipping is available.

It will be delivered by FedEx, UPS or EMS (trackable).

Payment Method

Credit Cards, GooglePay, Applepay, PayPal are available.

Delivery date and time

After settlement, it will be shipped within 1 to 5 business days.

※ Some of the order producers take longer for delivery.

Delivery charge

Free shipping is not available for free shipping.
The shipping cost depends on the country and items. 
Detailed shipping costs can be confirmed on the screen of purchase.

Not included in the shipping cost

The following expenses are not included in the shipping cost, so some countries may pay.

  • Import tax, value-added tax, consumption tax and other tax
  • Storage fee of receivables
  • Redistribution costs
  • Collection cost
  • Other necessary payment in the receiving country

About customs clearance and obligation

Purchased goods tariffs, other import taxes and customs offices may be applied at the customs clearance of the receiving country.

In that case, it will be paid by the recipient, so please pay directly to the shipping company at the time of delivery. Taxes and fees differ depending on the country, so please contact customs for the receiving country.

About returned goods / refund

We can not accept returned goods and exchange.

If you return to us without receiving a product, the order of your order will respond by redistribution or cancellation.

  1. In the case of re-shipping
    If you pay the return fee again at the time of shipping and first shipping, you can repellse from our shop. Depending on the shipping country, separate costs may occur.
  2. If you want to cancel your order
    If you want to cancel your order, we will deduct the shipping fee and return fee from the amount you paid and respond by refund.


As for import restrictions and disabled products, we have different regulations due to countries, so we do not confirm and guidance.

Please be sure to check if your purchaser can import.

If you can not deliver due to customs import restrictions after shipping, please note that we can not take any responsibility.