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LINLAI 845 DG, pair of 2

Product code: yarland-845-dg

LINLAI 845 DG, pair of 2

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Amazing new series of power tubes with hooks!

Elegant, realistic, breathtaking, majestic and serene performance>.


It is well known that the same bile duct with a metal screen has a more transparent sound than one with a graphite screen. It is true that the same construction as a spring-mounted filament does not sound as delicate and subtle as the sound of a hook-mounted filament.

The 845DG, 211-DG, and 805-DG use a conventional graphite screen pole with three heat sinks on each side of the screen pole to achieve extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability, which significantly improves electron emission capacity and operating life. In addition, for the first time, the filaments are secured with hooks to relax the filaments during operation, resulting in a more transparent sound. To reproduce the sound field and atmosphere, the outer diameter of the glass case has been increased, and the core is supported by a mica ring on top of it.


Conventional 845 billets sound and feel different, and even though they have a gorgeous "body," they feel "modified. The 845-DG, with its hook-and-eye filament, is elegant, realistic, and has an intimate, unpretentious feel. The freshness, natural beauty, accuracy of sound, the way it plays, the way it looks, the way it finishes, the overtones, and the breathtakingly majestic and serene performance are breathtaking. If the old traditional 845s are generally too stable in the low range, a little less masculine in the midrange, and a little "introverted" in the high range, this 845 is clean. Many audiophiles like the distinctive "delicate" and "whispery" mid-high range of the 300B and WE212, but this 845 adds a more mature stability and loveliness that keeps one on their toes.

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