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Yamamoto Sound Craft
AL-2 wooden Arm lifter unit

Product code: y021

Yamamoto Sound Craft AL-2 wooden Arm lifter unit

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Convenient retrofit arm lifter

Arm lifter unit with large hydraulic cylinder

AL-2 is an arm lifter unit with a large hydraulic cylinder of 16mm in diameter. African ebony is used for the sleeve of the mounting section. The arm can be smoothly raised and lowered by operating the large lever. When raising the lifter, it rises in a short time, and when lowering it, it comes down slowly by hydraulic pressure. Use this unit for arms that do not come with arm lifters or for players whose lifters operate poorly.

Manually raising and lowering the arm may scratch the record or damage the record needle. Using an arm lifter can prevent such problems. The AL-2 lifter unit can be installed separately and can be used with most players. Please refer to the diagram below for usage.

First, place the record disc on the turntable of the record player, and with your cartridge attached to the arm, bring the needle tip to the innermost position of the record disc. Install the lifter so that its operating range covers the top of the record disc as shown in the figure below. To adjust the height, use the height adjustment screw with the supplied hexagonal wrench so that the needle tip is 5 to 10 mm above the record disc with the lift lever raised. The height adjustment screw does not need to be tightened tightly because not much force is applied to the lifter part. The sleeve of the main body is made of ebony, so be careful not to tighten it too tightly or it may be damaged.
Once the position and height of the lifter unit are determined, fix it in place using the supplied tapping screws or bolts. Double-sided tape may be used for fixing. However, please note that the tape may not be removed cleanly when peeling it off.

The height of the unit can be adjusted from 39mm~53mm from the player board at the lower position of the arm pipe. Please check the arm height of your player before purchasing.

AL-2 Dimensions
Hydraulic cylinder Diameter 16mm
Bottom diameter of stand section 38mm
Length of lever 58mm
Overall height when lever is raised 60mm
Armrest length 33mm
Lift amount Approx. 3mm
Height of lift section 38-53mm adjustable from bottom