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Yamamoto Sound Craft
SUT-02 Low impedance specification

Product code: y007-2-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft SUT-02 Low impedance specification

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Step-up transformer for monaural MC cartridge

Step-up transformer for low impedance monaural MC cartridges

The main feature of the SUT-02 is that the two transformers are completely separated from each other and sealed in a solid case, whereas a step-up transformer for two stereo channels is usually manufactured in a single case. The solid case is made by machining a block of aluminum alloy, enclosing the transformer unit in it and wiring it over the shortest possible distance. This case is impregnated with a high-strength, heat-cured, highly insulating, high-strength epoxy resin. The transformer case is anodized in a beautiful and age-resistant champagne gold color for a high quality finish. This ensures that the transformer unit is virtually unaffected by vibration and is free from the effects of minute vibrations, allowing even the smallest signals from MC cartridges to be picked up without loss.

The transformer unit of the SUT-02 uses a 100 micron thick Super Permalloy core, wound with Teflon insulation paper. The SUT-02 has a solid case that is virtually unaffected by vibration. On the back of the case, M2.6 screws are cut in the four corners, so you can use a base of your choice to fasten the SUT-02 to these parts. The screw holes can also be used to fasten the case inside an amplifier. The impedance of cartridges compatible with the SUT-02 is 1 to 5 ohms, and its amplification ratio is designed to be 20 times. This is because recent low-impedance MC cartridges have relatively large outputs, so the boost ratio is set a little lower. The SUT-02 is not only the best match for the company's original YC-02 cartridge, but it also works wonderfully with the Ortofon SPU. The sound is more aesthetic and richer, while maintaining the cartridge's character. Instrumental performances and female vocals are particularly impressive.
Step-up Ratio 1 :20
Applicable Impedance 1~5Ω
Frequency Response 10~100,000Hz
Material 100 micron thick super-permalloy toroidal core, Teflon insulated paper, machined aluminum alloy case impregnated with epoxy resin, input/output terminals made of chrome copper with original Teflon insulation
Size 60(W)x80(D)x64(H)mm
Weight 580g/1 piece