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Yarland Japan Linlai (Hayashi) WE845 2 pairs

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Yarland Japan Linlai (Hayashi) WE845 2 pairs

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Craftsman's skills glow, unparalleled gems

The WE845 replica tube is a hybrid product that combines both RCA845 and WE284A characteristics.
Lin Law WE845 is a high-end audio application that surpasses all current Chinese 845 tubes. The same craft manship is adopted using the same material as PSVANE WE845.
The sound field is stable in the atmosphere, strong musicality, and various instruments are very accurately arranged, and the sound field has a noble and elegant spatiality that reminds sunset. The sound field is open, and the positional relationship of each part is accurate, and the sense of the sound field is also felt that the sound field is also felt, and the low band is full of energy, and there is a stable feeling compared to 211, and there is a sense of stability. , Impact, the cavity is correct, the sound is round, and the sense of "turbidity" is not felt from the music to be played, the sound field is a majestic atmosphere, and the sound field is a son, and it can afford, and the sound is a feeling and noble. King and nobles are penetrating.
Soprano has a slender and solid, and the triangle of the orchestra's percussion instrument and the bell give a sense of pharmy and a sense of sense, and the brightness can not feel modest and dark. The texture of violin is not a lot of burrs and is perfect. Multi-tone is steady, smoothly and perfectly reproduced. Violin's harmonics are just well, and the rich pine smells like pearls that fall from Melodias and dishes.
The middle range is rich in harmonics and has a very rich harmonic base and rich rich. In the performance of a stringed instrument or vocal, the sound of the singer and the irregularity of emotions are naturally recovered. The bass is thick and strong, and the output is less than 18 W, but it has a strong and rhythmically clean sound. The attenuation characteristics are good and the orchestra song cello and bus drum is good, and there is a sense of unique rhythmic and energy, and the performance of the dynamic large organization orchestra song is very attractive in the present age.
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