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LINLAI WE845, pair of 2

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LINLAI WE845, pair of 2

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An unparalleled gem of craftsmanship

The WE845 replica tube is a hybrid product that combines the characteristics of both the RCA845 and the WE284A.
The Ling Lai WE845 outperforms all current Chinese 845 tubes in high-end audio applications, using the exact same materials and employing the same craftsmanship as the Psvane WE845.
The soundstage is atmospheric and stable, the musicality is strong, the various instruments are very precisely placed, and the soundstage has a noble and elegant spatiality reminiscent of a sunset. The sound field is open, the positioning of each part is precise, the depth of the sound field is felt along with the sense of modeling of each instrument, the low frequencies are full of energy and have more connotations, stability, and impact than the 211, the cavity is correct, the sound is round, no sense of "muddiness" is felt from the music being reproduced, the sound field is majestic The soundstage is dignified and spare, the sound is permeated with elegance and noble royalty.
The sopranos are slender and dignified, the orchestral percussion triangles and bells give a sense of etherealness and realism, and the brightness is subdued and not dark. The texture of the violins is spot-on, with no burrs at all. The overtones are agile, smooth, and perfectly reproduced. The overtones of the violin are just right, flowing and melodious, with a rich pine fragrance like pearls falling from a jade dish.
The midrange is rich in overtones, with a very rich harmonic base and abundant bile. In string and vocal performances, the singer's tonal changes and emotional inflections are restored in a natural and impressively realistic manner. Bass is thick and powerful, and although the output power is low at 18 watts, it is moderately powerful, rhythmic, and clean. With good attenuation characteristics, the cellos and bass drums in orchestral pieces sound great, with a distinctive sense of rhythm and energy, making performances of large, dynamic orchestral pieces very attractive in this day and age.
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