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LINLAI WE300B, pair of 2

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LINLAI WE300B, pair of 2

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1:1 reproduction of Western Electric's 300B

WE300B's vocals are narcotic

This is the most successful replica WE300B tube made in China and is a perfect 1:1 replica. The appearance is slender and elegant, totally comparable to the original Western Electric tubes, highlighting the company's strong product capabilities. The complete set of tube materials is specially ordered from XD Electronic tube material suppliers. Superior cathode activity over typical 300B tubes, platinum grids eliminate backgate currents, and the sound quality is pure and sweet. The superconducting anode material covers the radiant heat dissipation coating, greatly increasing substrate consumption and allowing the entire tube to operate easily one-to-one. The high quality of the craftsmanship is precisely matched for your peace of mind.
The WE300B's vocals are narcotic. They are richly detailed, transparent, delicate, and angular. They are light yet layered, resolving and powerful.

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