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Yamamoto Sound Craft
WA-1 M3, M2.6 screws weight control washer

Product code: WA-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft WA-1 M3, M2.6 screws weight control washer

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Ideal for balancing lightweight cartridges

All brass material with non-magnetic base treatment and 24k gold plating


WA-1 is a set of 10 brass washers that can be used to increase the weight of analog cartridges when they are mounted on a headshell. Analog cartridges vary in weight from product to product. When they are mounted on a headshell, it is necessary to change the weight balance of the arm for each cartridge. WA-1 can be used for the purpose of increasing the weight in such cases.

Combined with the BT-2 (sold separately), the weight of each headshell can be matched to eliminate the need for needle pressure adjustment when replacing cartridges. The heavier the weight of the cartridge and headshell, the more robust and powerful the sound tends to be. Adjustment of the weight can also change the sound quality tendency.

Format Large brass washers for M3 and M2.6
Dimensions 11mm diameter, 3.1mm inside diameter, 2mm thickness
Weight 1.47g/1 piece