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Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240B Headphone Amplifier for VR

Product code: VHA-5240B

Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240B Headphone Amplifier for VR

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More reality in sound!

Headphone amplifier for VR goggles

VHA-5240B is a headphone amplifier developed for VR goggles, which now allow users to easily enjoy 3D images.

The VHA-5240B reproduces the surround sound used in VR accurately, precisely, and with no time lag. The VHA-5240B clearly reproduces a sense of direction and distance, including flat phase characteristics that emphasize the localization of binaural recordings, adding further realism to the virtual reality world.

The VHA-5240B provides stereo input and output as well as separate left and right monaural input and output to accommodate different models of VR goggles. The VHA-5240B has no volume control (gain controller) because it is designed to be used with goggles with volume control. The case is made of conductive carbon mixed filament to prevent induced noise.

From the virtual world to the real world

The amplifier built into the VR goggles is loaded by the use of earphones. The heavier the load, the worse the distortion, the worse the transient characteristics, and the worse the delay time, etc. The VHA-5240B precisely controls the bias current to maximize the amount of information and accuracy. Furthermore, by widening the bandwidth and using a no-feedback circuit that does not apply negative feedback, transient distortion such as TIM distortion is eliminated and time delays are minimized to the limit, thereby eliminating phase distortion and enabling accurate representation of surround sound localization. By connecting the VHA-5240B to the earphone output of the goggles, the load when using earphones can be reduced and deterioration of the characteristics can be prevented. For this reason, further improvement in accuracy and increase in the amount of information can be expected over the 5240A. A pure signal with no deterioration of characteristics is extracted to drive the earphones with a precise driver circuit. This enables precise reproduction of the phase and time information required for VR and realistic reproduction of the world of virtual reality.
Maximum Output 350mW (1% distortion)
Distortion(1KHz) 1mW: 0.026
S/N Ratio -110dB(GAIN 1dB)
Frequency Response 5Hz~5MHz(-3db)
Delay Time 18nS(1/100 million of 1.8 sec)
Input impedance 1,000KΩ
Dimensions W74x H27x D44mm
Weight 46g
Power source DC 5V/300mA
*Cables and other accessories are not included with this product. Please provide your own power supply and cables.