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Satri Circuit Laboratory
VHA-5240A VR Goggles amp

Product code: VHA-5240A

Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240A VR Goggles amp

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More reality in sound !!

Headphone amplifier for VR goggles

VHA-5240A is a headphone amplifier developed for VR goggles, which now make it easy to enjoy 3D images.

By increasing the amount and accuracy of auditory information in the VR (Virtual Reality) world, VR viewing can be made more realistic. the VHA-5240A reproduces the surround sound used with accuracy, precision, and no time lag and the flat phase characteristics that emphasize the localization of binaural recordings used in VR clearly reproduce the sense of direction and distance, adding a further sense of reality to the virtual reality world.

Depending on the model of the VR goggles, there are stereo earphone output type and separate left and right mono earphone output types. In addition to stereo input and output, it also has separate left and right mono input and output to accommodate each type of goggle. The case is made of conductive carbon-laced filament to prevent induction noise.The small size and light weight of the unit makes it easy to carry in a bag or pocket as an ordinary headphone amplifier.

From the virtual world to the real world

The amplifier built into the VR goggles is loaded by the use of earphones. The heavier the load, the worse the effects, such as increased distortion, worse transient characteristics, and worse delay time.By precisely controlling the bias current, the VHA-5240A maximizes the amount of information and increases the accuracy. Furthermore, by widening the bandwidth and using a non-feedback circuit without negative feedback, transient distortions such as TIM distortions are eliminated and time delays are minimized to the utmost limit, thereby eliminating phase distortions and enabling accurate representation of surround sound localization.That way, when you connect the VHA-5240A to the earphone output of the goggles, the load when using the earphones becomes about 1/100 to 1/300 lighter, preventing deterioration of the characteristics. The earphones are driven by a precision driver circuit that extracts pure signals with no deterioration in characteristics.This makes it possible to precisely reproduce the phase and time information necessary for VR, and to realistically reproduce the world of virtual reality.

Maximum output power 350mW(1%distorted)
distortion factor(1KHz) 1mW: 0.026%
S/N Ratio -110dB(GAIN 1dB)
Frequency response 5Hz~5MHz(-3db)
Lag time 18nS(1.8 billionths of a second)
Input Impedance 10KΩ
Dimensions W92x H27x D44mm
Weight 56g
Power supply DC 5V/300mA
*The product does not come with any cables or other accessories. Please prepare the power supply and cables by yourself.