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Fidelix TruPhase Passive Attenuator with Selector

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Fidelix TruPhase Passive Attenuator with Selector

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Absolute phase can be adjusted instantly.

Passive attenuator with 21-contact rotary switch


True Phase" True absolute phase
The name TruPhase comes from "True Phase", which means that the absolute phase can be instantly adjusted. Most recordings are in absolute phase, but some recordings may be out of phase depending on the recording period, recording company, or recording engineer. For those who have become sensitive to this difference, it is natural to want to listen to all of them in phase. The TruPhase is a toggle-switch that allows such a request to be met. The principle of this inversion is to flip the XLR terminals No. 2 and No. 3, and this function is the first feature of this unit. This is the first feature of this unit.

Passive attenuator using a 21-contact rotary switch
A 21-contact rotary switch is used to switch between 20 high-quality sound quality resistors manufactured by PRP in the U.S., resulting in high sound quality. The standard position is set at 2 o'clock on the clock for easy fine-tuning, and the sound quality at muted levels is also improved. 20KΩ specification, 2dB step, completely passive, professional specification is adopted.

Dual floating connection volume circuit for XLR device connection.
The attenuator resistors are of a high-precision non-magnetic type manufactured by PRP in the U.S.A., which has a proven track record. Interlocking errors are minimal. Gold-plated switches and connectors ensure minimal degradation of sound quality.

The selector switch uses 8 circuits and 5 contacts to completely separate grounding.
While general selectors only select signals with common grounding, the grounding is completely separated by an 8-circuit, 5-contact switch.
It is already well known that the sound of a power supply changes depending on its polarity. This is due to the adverse effects of current flowing to ground, and the only way to eliminate this is to not connect ground. In order to free the equipment from the negative effects of ground current caused by the power supply, the TruPhase disconnects all unused equipment, including signal line grounding, and is the culmination of Fidelix's experience as the antithesis of a preamplifier. However, in Europe and the U.S., power grounding is required to prevent electric shock.

For a vast sense of presence, even the left and right grounds are completely independent. The silicon diodes are connected in the opposite direction for protection, but in case of trouble, the diodes can be fully connected by DIP switches.

The XLR outputs are phase invertible and output both XLR and RCA inputs. The RCA outputs, on the other hand, are not phase invertible and do not output the XLR input. The XLR outputs are designed to minimize circuit loops, to prevent vibration modes, to absorb electromagnetic waves, and to take advantage of other details of our know-how. Oxygen-free copper and polyethylene-coated wires from Mogami Electric Wire are used.

Noise is generated when hot and ground are momentarily separated at the same time during input switching. General selectors select only signals with common grounding, but for sound quality-oriented design, the grounding is completely disconnected by an 8-circuit, 5-contact switch in order to switch the grounding at the same time, resulting in a "banging" noise when switching inputs.
Please note that it is necessary to turn down the volume of the power amplifier or turn off the power.

Power Supply Not required
Input XLR x 2 channels, RCA x 3 channels
Dimensions (W)200 x (H)50 x (D)200mm (excluding protruding parts)
Input impedance 20KΩ
Output impedance Approx. 5KΩ at maximum (when signal equipment is connected)
Weight 1.05Kg