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Teragaki-Lab Terra-SP2000

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It will be an orderer producer. Delivery time is about 2, 3 months.

Sound quality with dignity

"Dramatically spread the pleasure of sound"

Terra Speaker is a proprietary emergence panel
Conventional speakers create a completely different sound field.

Certificate Wax Finishing The churchis finish diaphragm reproduces more natural instrument sound. Oral Sonic's recruitment material adoption eliminated wasteful resonance, and was newly changed to a more clear sound with an addition of an ashing. Natural and sound spread to 360 ° 3 dimensions, the sound image is very real, and it seems that the stage can be seen. In addition, it is clear that the rising and granularity of the sound of outstanding sound unique to wood vibration boards is clear and clear.

TERRA SP-2000 is 8Ω / 20W, arranged in series, centrally, 4Ω / 20 W 4 is disposed up and down, and the range balance is taken with a connection combination. In addition to tergar sound quality as Terra SP-3000, the resolution is high as the full-spec high resolution, and the stage reproduction is wonderful.

Pillars and pilots are to make turbulence reflections of sound. This is because the industrialized homogeneous material and the uniform shape of the surface are characterized by sound transmission and reflection, and it is considered that it is beautiful or unnatural sound quality.

Terpagaki Speaker is handmade one by one in order production, so it takes time to delivery.
Connection connector Terminal x 1 Spikon × 1
unit 20W, 8Ω x2, 4Ω x 4
Impedance 5 Ω
size W350xH570xD270mm
weight About 22 kg