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TC-K555ESX Stereo Cassette deck

Product code: tc-k555esx

SONY TC-K555ESX Stereo Cassette deck

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Virtually a masterpiece with the last audio spirit of SONY !!

SONY's TC-K555ESX is a 3-head cassette deck released in November 1986.In the same year, it was selected as a category award of the dynamic award of FM fan.In 1986, the full-fledged period of CD players has entered, and the TC-K555ESX has been developed as a new reference machine for the digital age.

The cassette deck which was developed by reviewing the possibility of sound quality improvement, such as elimination of unnecessary vibration and simple & straight transmission.
The LC-OFC winding laser amorphous head is adopted.

Condition Refurbished both mechanical.All functions work well. Great sound. However stretched tired tape sometimes refused.The top cover was damaged and fixed as possible as we can.
Accessories N/A
Frequency characteristic 20Hz~20kHz ±3dB(EIAJ/Metal tape)
Frequencyrange 15Hz~22kHz(EIAJ/Metal tape)
Wow and flutter ±0.04%Wpeak,0.025%WRMS
Distortion 0.5%(EIAJ
S/N ratio 56dB(EIAJ),60dB(Dolby off/Metal),73dB(Dolby NR C)
Motor LineartorqueBSLD.D. motor
Power 100V/50,60Hz
Dimensions W430xH125xD350mm
Weight 8.9kg