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TAKET SUH2+ Headphones Polymer piezoelectric Heil-type driver

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TAKET SUH2+ Headphones Polymer piezoelectric Heil-type driver

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Legendary TAKET-H2 is back with a super new look!

The bandwidth of both high and low has been expanded, dramatically improving reality.


Open-air (rear open type) with polymer piezoelectric heil type drive.

Function of each part SUH2+ configuration

1. a diaphragm made of bimorph polymer piezoelectric film with electrodes formed in a wavy shape is incorporated inside unit L and unit R.

The holder slides inside the holder base to adjust the headband. It can be secured by tightening the knurled screws. The holder rotates in the holder base to automatically adjust the angle at which the ear pads rest against the cheeks.
The head cover can be replaced by opening the zipper. The cabinets are made of ABS plastic.

The earpads are fitted into the padded base, which slides out from the unit. The earpads are replaced in one piece.

The super tweeter "BATPURE" is built into the bottom of the L/R unit, and the super tweeter reflector directs the super high-frequency sound to the face. This prevents cranial localization of the sound field and creates a sense of openness.

Each unit is connected to a cable approximately 35 cm long, which is combined into a single cable with a Neutrik 4-pin plug attached to the end. This technology reduces unnecessary scattering of sound when This technology reduces unnecessary scattering of sound when listening to headphones and creates a lively sound cohesion.


When SUH2+ is used alone

Frequency response
10Hz to 100kHz or higher
Maximum allowable input voltage 200Vp-p + 200Vp-p
Maximum allowable input current 40mAp-p + 40mAp-p
Maximum allowable power 8W + 8W
Minimum impedance approx. 2k ohms
Headphone plug pin assignment

Pin 1: L+, Pin 2: L-

Pin 3: R-, Pin 4: R+

Weight 370g
Cable length 3.3m

When SUH2+ is connected to TR2

Frequency Response 30Hz to over 100kHz
Maximum allowable input voltage 10Vp-p + 10Vp-p
Maximum allowable input current 800mAp-p + 800mAp-p
Maximum allowable power 8W + 8W
 Minimum impedance

approx. 5 ohms (DC)

approx. 10 ohms (AC)

Dimensions 130x90x40mm
Weight 100g

NOTE; If a test signal is input for a certain period of time for measurement, the detection resistor of TR2 may heat up and the protection circuit may be activated to cut off the current. The power will be restored after a while after the power is turned off, but please use only music source.