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TAKET-LIVE Cylindrical TAT Super Tweeter

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TAKET-LIVE Cylindrical TAT Super Tweeter

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New MODEL ! Realistic and vivid sound

Polymer Piezo-electric Heil type Super Tweeter


Cylindrical TAT driver creates a 360° three-dimensional sound field
Cutting below 20 kHz for transparent sound
Realistic and vivid sound and sound field
Warm wood cabinetry is used

1. connection method

 Connect the + and - terminals of the speaker terminals of your speakers to the respective + and - terminals of the TAKET-LIVE speaker terminals with a speaker cable.
You can also connect directly to the speaker output terminals of your amplifier.
In rare cases, some speakers have the + and - terminals reversed.
In such cases, it may be better to reverse the + and - connections on the TAKET- LIVE.

Sound pressure level adjustment

The sound pressure level panel values are indicated on the nameplate label on the bottom panel.
However, this is not the actual sound pressure level of TAKET-Live, but the efficiency of the main speaker when natural effects are generated.
The level can be expressed sensuously as follows.

Level 1: Hidden level
Level 5: Natural Level
Level 7 & Over: Excitement Level

Drive system Cylindrical TAT driver system (Take-T's original drive system)
Minimum Impedance 200Ω (volume 7 over position at 100kH frequency; minimum at fully clockwise position)
Playback frequency band 20kHz ~ 100kHz
Directivity 360° (Omni-directional)
Efficiency and maximum sound pressure output Not shown above 20 kHz, since a better effect can be obtained by reducing the output sound pressure.
Volume display 1 to 7 and 7 over (7 over is the position further from 7 to the end of the turn)
Dimensions Width 75 mm x Height 112 mm x Depth 88 mm (including terminals)
Weight 265 g

Base and cap; walnut wood, urethane clear matte finish

Body; SPCC perforated metal with hardened matte black coating

Differences from conventional products

BATPRO2 adds detailed sound expression and its sound field extends behind the speakers.
On the other hand, TAKET-LIVE adds to the characteristics of BATPRO2, the sound field extends in front of and behind the speakers, and the sound has a solid transparency. transparency.

2.BATMASTER creates the dry brightness of a real concert hall at the start of a performance.
The TAKET-Live, on the other hand, can be described as the relaxed brightness of an outdoor concert hall.