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Teragaki Labs TERRA-SP3000 MATTHEW Matai

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Teragaki Labs TERRA-SP3000 MATTHEW Matai

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated delivery time is about 6 months.

Realistic three-dimensional sound with dignity

Rich sound field that extends to 360 degrees

TERRA speakers create a completely different sound field than conventional speakers with their uniquely designed sound emitting panels.
Each TERRA speaker is handcrafted in our workshop. Each TERRA speaker is handcrafted in a workshop, where the materials for the panels are carefully selected by craftsmen, and the panels are repeatedly fine-tuned by acoustic engineers. Because the panels are made from living wood, no two "echoes" are the same. It is truly an instrument that "expresses you". The custom waxed wooden frame and serac varnish diaphragm reproduce a more natural instrument sound. The natural, sound extends 360 degrees in three dimensions, and the sound image is so realistic, it is as if you can see the stage. In addition, you can enjoy clear sound with outstanding sound rise and clear grain, which is only possible with wooden diaphragms. The sound pressure is low and you will not get tired even if you listen for a long time. It is said that the sound of a musical instrument matures as the player plays it, and this speaker also sounds better the more it is played. Sound quality adjustment is basically achieved by the combination and shape of the diaphragm media and surface treatments such as polishing and the type and thickness of the varnish.
Teragaki speakers are made-to-order and each one is handmade, so it takes time for delivery.
Impedance 4.4Ω
Connectors Mid-Hi: Terminal x1, Speaker x1 Subwoofer: Terminal x1, Speaker x1 (Bi-amp connection also supported)
Main unit material Tamo (Japanese ash)
Size Mid-high: W480xH600xD340mm Subwoofer: W480xH470xD340mm
Weight Mid-High: 30.7kg Subwoofer: 17.7kg
Accessories Front protection grille, spike feet, insulator