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Solid Aug-Line
Pipe shield RCA (BNC) SpecialEditon

Product code: Pip-D-RCA-SE-1

Solid Aug-Line Pipe shield RCA (BNC) SpecialEditon

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Amazing quietness with no noise

Dual-core coaxial digital cable with amazing quietness and dynamic range

Solid Augline Pipe Shield Digital Cable RCA Special Edition is a dual-core coaxial digital cable made with an ideal balance of "Augline", an alloy of gold and silver, and "Augline+Pt", a triple blend of platinum, gold and silver.
The insulation material, which has a great impact on the sound quality, is made of PTFE, which has the best characteristics among Teflon materials, and the outer jacket is also made of PTFE Teflon.
The coaxial pipe shield structure was adopted, and augline alloy was used for the shield pipe as well. Compared to ordinary braided wire shields and foil shields, it is surprisingly quiet and has a dynamic range.
An extra shield made of braided wire is applied to the outside of the pipe shield, and in order to prevent the extra shield from adversely affecting the sound quality, a special capacitor developed for this purpose is connected between the two cold terminals.
The Special Edition is equipped with a special electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet on top of the regular shield to achieve a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

The RCA plug used in this cable is a new product from Wire World, which uses the same silver alloy as the wire material.
BNC terminals on both sides or BNC terminals on one side are also available.