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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-22 triangular triangle base 4 sets

Product code: pb22

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-22 triangular triangle base 4 sets

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Pleasant and clear reproduction sound to the ear

Point support base machined into a triangular shape


The PB-22 setting base is a setting base for amplifiers and speakers. The material used is ebony wood (a type of wood called striped ebony from Southeast Asia), which is one of the hardest and strongest types of wood. This material is now rare, but it is actually used for guitar necks and violin pieces, etc. It has a specific gravity of approximately 1.1 and has a reputation for its excellent resonance.

PB-22 is uniquely triangular in shape, which is advantageous in that it is stable when installed and relatively scratch resistant to products placed on top of it, since the tip of the top is linear rather than sharply pin-shaped. It is also more stable than a base with pinpoint support when installed with three or four points. Of course, the vibration-damping effect of pinpoint support (or more precisely, linear support) is also fully realized.

Metal is usually used for these pinpoint bases, but metal spikes often produce resonance sounds peculiar to metal, and the combination of hard wood prevents these resonance sounds and provides a clear reproduction sound that is pleasant to the ear.

PB-22 is effective not only for speaker systems, but also for amplifiers and CD players. To use, place 3 or 4 PB-22s on the bottom board or under the legs of the equipment, with the 90-degree corners of the triangles facing upward. The upper ridges can be oriented in either the front-back or left-right directions. There is a slight difference in sound depending on the direction, so please check and decide for yourself. The sound will change again if the front two and the rear two (or one) are oriented in opposite directions. Mainly, it seems to change the breadth and reverberation of the sound. Please check the usage method that best suits your equipment.

Material Striped ebony
Dimensions Bottom size: 38mm x25mm Height: 18mm