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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-20 Ebony base -Male

Product code: pb20

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-20 Ebony base -Male

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High quality ebony pin spike

High quality ebony setting base

The PB-20 and PB-21 setting bases are designed for amplifiers and speakers and can be used individually or in combination with each other. The material used is African ebony, one of the hardest and strongest of all woods. This material is now rare, but is actually used for oboes and clarinets in musical instruments, and has a reputation for its excellent resonance.

PB-20 is pin-shaped and can be placed directly under amplifiers and speakers as a point support. PB-21 can also be used in combination with PB-20 as a top and bottom structure under amplifiers and other equipment to provide a stable three- or four-point support for audio equipment.

The pinpoint support effect enhances the sound tightening effect.

Metal is usually used for these pinpoint bases, but metal spikes often produce resonance sounds peculiar to metal.
Dimensions 41mm(D) x 21mm(H)
Pin height 5mm