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Fidelix HiFi USB Noise Filter

Product code: noise-filter-silver

Fidelix HiFi USB Noise Filter

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To all USB audio devices


We offer USB noise filters with common mode chokes and ferrite beads to reduce common mode noise.
Available in silver and black.

The following are the measurement results from 2MHz to 43.5GHz by ROHDE & SCHWARZ. while the CPU and memory clocks and their harmonics in the PC are certainly effective in reducing common mode noise that seems to reduce, the signal quality is not as good as that of USB 2.0 High speed (480Mbps) in the photo below. The signal quality was measured with a LeCroy 2GHz scope, which is sufficient for USB 2.0 measurements. Of course, the transmission path is impedance-matched using differential microstrip lines.

A filter to reduce noise on the 5V power supply is also built in.
This noise filter is inserted into the USB port, and can be switched between bus-powered and self-powered, and the power filter can be applied to either. The power supply filter circuitry also takes care of inrush current and feedback stability.

The built-in filter alone is effective enough, but when combined with Fidelix's ultra-low noise power supply (5V1A), it further improves the perspective of distant sounds and reproduces a clear space.

Main unit size 50mm x 30mm x 20mm
Accessories None (5v AC adapter if set is purchased)