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Horus NEO RCA high end cable

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Aug-Line Horus NEO RCA high end cable

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This is a made-to-order product. Shipping date will be 3~4 days after order is placed. Terminator built-in model is also available.
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Ultimate Cable

Power-up version of the 2009 Audio Excellence Award-winning Horus augmented line

A special twisted wire structure, which can only be made by hand, is used to create signals of different materials, thicknesses, and lengths for each band inside the strictly shielded interior. The shield relationship is greatly enhanced, and the greatest feature of this product is the significant improvement in the reproducibility, S/N ratio, and resolution of the weakest part of the sound. Even with experienced engineers, it takes several days to manufacture a 1m pair of these ultimate cables.

The total amount of precious metals used in the conductor is enough to make 30~40 rings of ordinary jewelry. The thickness of the cable is incomparably thicker than the interconnected cables in the OGRAIN series, but despite its appearance, it is surprisingly flexible and easy to handle.

Compared to the original Horus, Horus NEO has even better resolution and an improved signal-to-noise ratio. The sense of depth and perspective has been improved, and the presence of vocals is even better than on the Horus. The wide range remains the same, but the highs are more supple and smooth. Every sound image is much more focused and precise, the background is quieter, and the vocals are more penetrating. The backgrounds are quieter and the vocals are more natural and less pronounced.
Many people had the impression that the Horus had a strong vocal presence and power, but the NEO has an even stronger vocal presence, giving the main vocalist a sense of being one step ahead, and is especially recommended for those whose main focus is on vocals.

When I changed the clean power supply (DA-7050T) connecting the CDP and the Pre from the Hours NEO (no mark) to the Hours NEO +α, I was able to get the same sound as with the NEO.
Hmmm... I thought the resolution was high even with the unbranded unit, but when I changed to the +α, I felt that it was blurry. The resolution is one step higher. It seems to be accompanied by the amount of information. And the S/N is much better. Perhaps because of this, the corners have been removed, and the sound is smoother. The three-dimensionality of the sound is improved, the substance of vocals is enhanced, and the sense of speed seems to increase, giving a crisp feeling. I think the space, size of the sound image, timbre, and temperature are almost the same between the unbranded and the +α.
The +α makes the sound smoother, so if you like a guttural sound, you may want to go for the unbranded version. This is a foul level.
You can also choose a model with a built-in terminator that increases transparency and power in addition to the noise absorption effect.