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Fidelix MITCHAKU Z headshell

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Fidelix MITCHAKU Z headshell

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Convert offset arm to straight arm

Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2019 Special Prize


MITCHAKU Z is a headshell designed to be attached to a bent offset arm to achieve the same effect as a straight arm without any difficulty.

The headshell can be mounted inward or outward depending on the shape of the tone arm and the operating environment.

For example, the SL-1200 series of Technics, the arm does not move to the last groove. Also, if a stabilizer is used, there is a possibility of hitting it. In such cases, install the cartridge on the inner side.

To accommodate various arm angles, the long holes for mounting cartridges are wider to allow fine adjustment of the cartridge mounting angle.

In the example shown in the photo, the effective length is 197 mm, and the pin side of the cartridge is firmly oriented toward the fulcrum of the arm. This structure, coupled with the MITCHAKU structure, is very strong because of the simple coupling of the cartridge to the mouthpiece at a short distance, and at the same time, it is less prone to resonance. The following graph shows the recommended underhang calculated from the distance between the center of the turntable and the center of the arm, which should be within ±3 mm.

The lead wire material is PCOCCA. The head shell is 4 mm thick hard aluminum. The weight is 16g including lead wires, but the equivalent mass is 14g because of the shorter effective length. The weight of the head shell is 16g including the lead wire, but the effective length is shorter, so the equivalent mass is 14g.