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Fidelix Mitchaku Ceramic Head Shell

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Fidelix Mitchaku Ceramic Head Shell

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The world's first head shell that adheres to the tone arm

Audio Accessories Machine Award 2019 Special Award


The majority of existing headshells have a structure that pulls only the top 1 pin in the connection when attached to the tone arm, but this creates a gap on the lower side, and if you fill the gap with a rubber ring, it becomes an elastic coalescence and becomes a dull sound.There is always a gap in the connection port, and even a gap of only 1 micron is acoustically affected.

The MITCHAKU head shell has a seesaw structure in which horizontal pins placed in the middle of the upper and lower pins are pulled in with equal force by the upper and lower pins, enabling tight connections to the tone arm without gaps.As a result, it is possible to obtain the same rigidity as the integrated arm of the head shell, and it has acquired a solid sound quality.If the horizontal alignment is set correctly, the separation will be better and a wide sound field will be reproduced.

Since it is a seesaw structure, the error is absorbed here.This ensures that the ring part of the head shell and the ring part of the arm are completely in close contact.

Because the ceramic material is alumina, it is a relative of ruby and sapphire. Even if it is ceramic, it is easy to cause resonance if the horizontal part is lengthened, so it is made to the necessary minimum shape.This is based on direct teaching and designer experience from Isamu Ikeda, founder of FR and IKEDA.The thickness of the finger is 2.5mm and the resonance measures are taken.The lead wire is PCOCCA with PCOCC annealed.The arm contacts are made of durable rhodium plated, and the angle of the head shell is adjustable.

Line up

It is made of ceramic and the middle metal fittings of aluminum is MITCHAKU-A.The middle metal fittings of stainless steel are MITCHAKU-S.The angled head shell for SAEC's WE-8000/ST is MITCHAKU-W (a substitute for SAEC's ULS-8X).It is MITCHAKU-0 that reversed this angle.This gives the effect of a pure straight arm even with a bent arm, but is suitable when the arm mounting position can be moved approximately 30 mm backwards.The slight angle difference between each arm is adjusted by the mounting angle of the cartridge.

Photo top left MITCHAKU-A, photo top right MITCHAKU-S
Photo bottom left MITCHAKU-W, photo bottom right MITCHAKU-0