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Yamamoto Sound Craft
MGB-1 Magnetic floating base

Product code: MGB-1-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft MGB-1 Magnetic floating base

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Improved signal-to-noise ratio for richer information

Setting base that uses magnetic force to isolate vibration


The MGB-1 uses a revolutionary configuration that utilizes the repulsion of magnets to float the equipment used. The MGB-1 uses neodymium magnets, which have the highest holding power, and is designed to be used even with fairly heavy equipment. African ebony, which is highly effective in vibration control and has a beautiful sound, and neodymium magnets, which have the highest holding power, are used. Equipment levitated by the magnets receives almost no vibration from the floor and is extremely little affected by vibrations from the speakers. This prevents sound degradation caused by vibration and resonance. In the case of the MGB-1, ceramic spacers are used on the upper and lower surfaces of the base to provide three-point support for the equipment mounted on top, resulting in even clearer sound reproduction. The top and bottom magnets are fixed to African ebony wood and joined by thin bolts. When used, it is necessary to equalize the weight on each base.

The sister productMGB-2Example of operation of

Due to the use of magnets in this product, please be careful when using it with products that are susceptible to magnetic fields. For example, please note that a step-up transformer for MC cartridges and a cassette deck may be affected by magnetism.
Dimensions Diameter 59mm , Height: 58.8mm ~ 47mm
Material African ebony, neodymium magnet, ceramic spacer
Load capacity 2kg~10kg per piece
Weight 210g(1 piece)

Available in sets of 4, sets of 3, or sold individually.