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Hidizs Mermaid MS2 Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi Earphones

Product code: mermaid-ms2

Hidizs Mermaid MS2 Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi Earphones

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Hidizs titanium-plated dynamic armature driver delivers excellent mid-bass.

Thanks to the large 10.2mm dynamic driver with dual voice coils and dual voice chambers developed by Hidizs, the MS2 HiFi IEM has a very strong impact, sufficient depth and extension, and excellent transient response. Natural, resilient bass and full, engaging mids.

Knowles Balanced Armature Driver

Knowles 33518 balanced armature delivers clean, crisp, clear, rich highs.
With superior resolution and expandability, the Hidizs MS2 in-ear headphones provide a great listening experience that will delight your ears.

Mixed braid of 4-core high-purity wires (2 high-purity silver wires and 2 OFC wires)

4-core wire beautifully braided with 60 high-purity silver wires and 60 high-purity oxygen-free copper wires. Silver wire for a bright, clean sound. Copper wire adds smooth and gentle performance.

Professional Circuit AVX Tantalum Capacitors

Reduces noise at audio frequencies, ensuring clear, noise-free filtering and high fidelity in the passage of audio signals for improved audio performance.

Removable 0.78mm 2-pin gold-plated socket

Standard 0.78mm 2-pin design for more applications; easily turns into a high-performance wireless HiFi audio device when used with Hidizs BT01 APT-X 4.1 Bluetooth receiver or H2 lossless Bluetooth receiver.

Elegant rose gold splitter

Exquisite 3.5mm gold-plated plug.

Skin-friendly resin body & luminescent panel

Custom resin body with a more ergonomic and natural fit for long-lasting comfort.
The MS2 in-ear monitors wear a shiny luminescent faceplate that represents the sensation of amber, with beautiful iridescent shards and the elegant Hidizs logo inside, demonstrating Hidizs' unique aesthetic.

MS2 Custom Earphone Carrying Box

The Custom Earphone Carrying Box is a heartfelt gift from Hidizs. High-quality metal panels and built-in all-around silica gel provide effective shock and drop resistance. Magnetic closure mechanism keeps IEMs in place.

Good choice of accessories

6 pairs of silicone eartips: crisp and balanced eartips.

High-resolution certified

Hi-Res Audio is a design standard for high-quality audio products by JAS (Japan Audio Society) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), and is already recognized and supported by many audiophiles and is now an essential certification mark of high-end audio equipment.

Model MS2
Product name Hidizs Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi Earphones
Earphone Type Customized HiFi In-Ear Monitors
BA Driver Knowles RAD-33518-P183
Dynamic Driver 10.2mm, dual voice coil & dual voice chamber (Hidizs new polymer composite diaphragm V2.0 version)
Appearance German eco-friendly resin body, gold-plated sound nozzle
Frequency response 20Hz to 40kHz
Sensitivity 112dB
Impedance 18 hr.
Cable 4-core wire (2 high-purity silver wires, 2 OFC wires), mixed weave, 1.2 m long
Earphone connector Removable 0.78mm 2pin gold-plated socket
Plug 3.5mm gold-plated plug
Weight (pair) Approx. 10g (excluding earphone cable)


MS2 earphones × 1
3.5mm earphone cable × 1
Earphone carrying box × 1
Ear tips ×x6 pairs
User Manual × 1
Warranty card × 1