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MarkAudio NC5H_SS(Single Suspension) Bookshelf Speaker 1 pair

Product code: NC5H_MAOP_WN

MarkAudio NC5H_SS(Single Suspension) Bookshelf Speaker 1 pair

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Reproduction capability designed with the latest theory

Beautiful speakers made of selected solid materials and craftsmanship


This is a small, authentic and ambitious product developed to achieve a speaker that puts the main speaker in the corner with its 8cm size. Reproducing the capabilities of a single suspension at its best, the NC5H offers a wideband, high-quality sound unimaginable in an 8cm class speaker unit. the development of the NC5H was based on the T/S parameter T/S parameter values, taking into account the unit characteristics of Mark Audio. The enclosure was designed and rigorously developed like the other models in the series, including dumping by Bethumen. When the bass reflex port was changed to a 25mm diameter double port, the richness of the low frequency range and the sense of pitch were improved tremendously.

MAOP (Micro-Arc Oxidation Process)

The MAOP surface treatment of the metal cone itself achieves a damping effect similar to that of a pulp cone, which was not possible before. This is the reason why it is called a "quiet audio driver" because of its extremely flat frequency response.

Originally, a speaker unit generates sound waves from the cone by moving back and forth to reproduce music signals, supported by the front suspension and damper at two points.
This speaker unit is the first full-range single-suspension speaker unit ever realized by MarkAudio that uses only the front suspension to support the drive unit.
The NC5 is ideal for near-field applications.

The Alpair5v3 was a very challenging innovation, as it required no magnetic fluid to accurately operate the cone's linearity. We have never seen a purely damperless precedent in a high-end unit. Furthermore, it expresses an even more lustrous sound field than the expensive rectangular coil (voice coil using flat copper wire) used in the MAOP series.

Variable bass reflex port

The design of the bass reflex port is a part that greatly affects sound quality. The new design of the STBP series bass reflex port allows the length of the port to be adjusted so that the tuning frequency of the bass reflex can be precisely adjusted. The precision of Markaudio's linearity and the precision of the STBP ports' connections are based on the know-how gained in the demanding world of extreme precision and lightness, where strength comparable to steel is required, and there is no air leakage at the joints.


To maximize the features of Markaudio's highly sensitive units, solid mahogany and walnut are used to create a series that challenges the beauty and purity of sound. The beauty of the Nature Collection series is achieved through the use of carefully selected materials and the careful processing by experienced craftsmen to create a finish that is more beautiful than that of fine living room furniture.

SP Unit MAOP_5, Alpair5v3SS
Playback frequency 75Hz - 25,000Hz
Maximum Input 15W (cont.)
Output sound pressure level 86dB /1w@1m
Rated Impedance
MMS (total weight of drive unit) 1.71g
Xmax(amplitude)/1way 3.5mm
Dimensions 160 x 320 x 180 mm
Weight 3.0 kg