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MarkAudio Micro NC4 Desktop Speakers 1 pair

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MarkAudio Micro NC4 Desktop Speakers 1 pair

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Balanced, natural and sweet sound

Beautiful near-field speaker with solid vertical grain


The spruce material used for the NC4 has a beautiful grain, and when assembled using the traditional Japanese joining method of "arare-gumi," the contrast between the wood and the spruce is very beautiful, giving it a European-style furniture look. The sound reproduction is designed to allow even those who are familiar with music and serious audio to enjoy the "good sound" for a long time.


The CHN40 is the smallest diameter unit in Mark Audio's history, yet it delivers amazing low-frequency fundamental performance and flat characteristics, making it a near-field unit that delivers authentic reproduction.

Synthetic rubber U-shaped design front edge and very shallow cone shapeis highly flexible, and spider-back suspension provides moderate damping to the diaphragm. The result is a 40mm cone driver, a 60mm unit with one of the longest strokes in its class, reproducing a natural, luscious sound with amazing low-frequency response and balance.

Solid quarter-sawn wood

The quarter-sawn solid spruce has a reputation for having the most beautiful attenuation characteristics, and is frequently used for the front of acoustic guitars and the body of pianos, etc., giving an outstanding natural feeling as the sound of the instrument fades away. To achieve a comfortable living room atmosphere with music playing in the background, it is necessary to have music playing in the background for long periods of time without distaste. Spruce's silky smoothness is perfect for this purpose.Micro NC4 is the perfect little family favorite for long hours of music in the living room.

The Micro NC4 is available in an optional combination of double-dried larch and walnut.


SP Unit CHN40
Playback frequency 70Hz-34,000 Hz
Maximum Input 15W (cont.)
Output sound pressure level 86dB /1w@1m
Rated Impedance 7.2Ω
Mmd 1.63g
Xmax(1way) 4.0mmm
Dimensions 100 x 200 x 124 mm
Weight 920g