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Fidelix LIRICO MC Head Amplifier

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Fidelix LIRICO MC Head Amplifier

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Reproducing even the most delicate facial expressions

Winner of MJ Technology of the Year 2019, analog Grand Prix 2020, and Audio Excellence Award 2020


Fidelix started in 1976 with the LN-1 MC head amp. It had a shockingly low input equivalent noise voltage of -157dBV. The air-core MC type reproduces even the most delicate nuances, but because of its low output, it tends to be lackluster unless the noise is lowered to this level in order to take full advantage of its advantages. In addition, to prevent power supply noise from being introduced between the head amp and the equalizer, a battery-powered system was used. After that, LN-2, LZ-12MC, MCR-38, LEGGIERO, and so on followed as devices for MC. This time, the LIRICO is the culmination of our MC head amps, and the know-how we have gained from our long experience has been put into it.

The world's highest level of ultra-low noise of -156dBV (RIAA+IHF-A by Average Response), equivalent noise resistance of 6Ω, and input equivalent noise density of 0.32nV/√Hz@1kHz have been achieved backed by solid noise theory.
All-JFET positive-phase amplification of approx. 26dB by GS Direct method. Since minute signals are delicate, they must be transmitted to the amplifying elements as quickly as possible. The GS Direct method transmits signals directly to Gate and Source without coupling capacitors or resistors. The FETs used are Toshiba's ultra-low noise FETs (discontinued product), which have an established reputation for performance and sound quality. Devices are strictly selected to eliminate differences in noise, gain, and minimum operating voltage.

The input impedance is Gigaohm (GΩ), which is very popular with MCR-38 and LEGGIERO, but the common 330Ω can also be selected by turning on the dip switches No. 1 and No. 3 at the bottom, depending on the compatibility with the device and your preference. The number 2 switch is used to connect the left and right grounds and should be turned off unless disturbed.

The charger is a single unit that uses 6 NiMH 006P rechargeable batteries, but when in operation, the diodes make even the left and right grounds completely independent of each other in a unique configuration. In addition, the charger uses a double-sided switch to completely shut out noise from the power supply line during operation. A fully charged battery can be used for approximately 20 hours.
Major parts such as JFETs, PRP resistors, PPS capacitors, and chassis are non-magnetic.

This head amp is free from bulk Hausen noise caused by magnetic materials. MC transformers tend to suppress indirect sound, which can sometimes have the effect of bringing the sound closer to the direct sound, but LIRICO pursues fidelity and is the ideal step up from MC cartridges. LIRICO is the ideal step up from MC cartridges in the pursuit of fidelity.

Output Impedance 1.8kΩ
Input impedance 1,000MΩ, 330Ω switching
Distortion 0.3% at 2.5mV input at 10 times rated input
Frequency Response 3Hz to 700kHz -3dB (47kOhm and 100pF load)
Input Converted Noise Voltage -156dBV
Battery Ni-MH 006P (8.4V x 6)
Main unit size 120W x 200D x 50H mm (excluding switch and terminals)
Weight 885 g