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Fidelix LEGGIERO MC/MM Phono equalizer

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Fidelix LEGGIERO MC/MM Phono equalizer

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Ultra-low noise, discrete design phono equalizer


LEGGIERO is a phono equalizer compatible with both MM and MC. Leggero is an Italian musical term meaning "light and graceful. This equalizer is named after its ability to handle both aggressive and aggressive expression and light and graceful expression, which is the most difficult expression for amplifiers to handle.

The MC input is equipped with Fidelix's proprietary V-I-V system. The first stage performs voltage-current conversion, and the second stage performs current-voltage conversion. This configuration provides extremely low input conversion noise of -156dBV, high input impedance in the GigaΩ class, and high DC stability at the same time.

The LEGGIERO is based on RIAA, and the equalizer curve can be changed in 5 levels below 50Hz and 5 levels above 2kHz by the combination of the rotary switch on the left front panel and the rotary switch on the right front panel, and there are 25 types of equalizers: RIAA, SP, AES, NAB, FFRR, OLD RCA, and The two switches are RIAA in the center position, so they can be used practically as tone controls with 2dB steps below 50Hz and 1dB steps above 2kHz. The two switches are RIAA in the center position.

On the rear panel is a switch for switching between MM and MC, and on the bottom of the unit is a dip switch for switching input impedance. When the input impedance is set to 1GΩ, even an iron-core MC will approach the sound of an air-core MC. When the input impedance is set to a high level, even an iron-core MC can reproduce a drifting airy sound similar to that of an air-core MC. All of the amplification circuit is composed of JFET Class A operation, and the other components are also non-magnetic PRP resistors and capacitors of the highest sound quality or the best quality at present. No chemicon is used in the signal circuit. These are the result of careful attention to the reproduction of subtle textures. In addition, the power supply for all stages is operated at a nearly constant current to stabilize the power supply and prevent interference between stages through the power supply. This has resulted in both a delicate and supple expression and a powerful and clear bass.

The main unit and power supply are connected via a 6-pin DIN connector and are compatible with AC100V regions and up to AC120V regions.

Input impedance MC: 1GΩ or 330Ω, MM: 47kΩ
Output Impedance RCA: 100Ω, XLR: 200Ω
Gain MC: 65dB, MM40dB
Input Converted Noise MC: -156dBV, MM-140dBV
Input Equivalent Noise Density MC: 0.3nV/√Hz, MM: 1.8nV/√Hz(1kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% (2Vrms/1kHz)
Maximum output voltage 6Vrms
RIAA Deviation ±0.4dB(20~20kHz)
Subsonic filter 16Hz(-3dB/50kΩ load)
Power Supply AC100, 120V/50,50Hz

Main unit: 150(W)×50(H)×250(D)mm

Power supply unit: 65(W)×50(D)×130(D)mm

Weight Main unit: approx. 1.2 kg / Power supply unit: 0.6 kg