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Isis High-end Speaker cable pair

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Aug-Line Isis High-end Speaker cable pair

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Audio Excellence Award-winning cable

The ultimate speaker cable that pursues only sound quality

The ultimate speaker cable, "Outline Isis", is the ultimate speaker cable that pursues only sound quality without any compromise, with no restrictions on the total amount of conductors used, and daring to use precious metals, which may seem reckless in a sense.
The total amount of precious metals used in the conductor is enough to make 100 to 120 rings of ordinary jewelry.
It takes several days to produce a 2-meter pair of this dream cable, even for experienced technicians.
The connection terminals and other parts are also cut out one by one from ultra-thick gold and silver alloy material, and the perfect shielding achieves a high SN ratio, making this the ultimate speaker cable.
I had borrowed the Single-Ware version last summer, but I decided not to install it at that time because I had just purchased a Stereovox LSP-600. However, it was more than equal to the Bi-Ware version of Jorma Design No.1 SP that I borrowed from a certain place at the same time. And this time, the special Bi-Ware version came! ...It is quite dangerous, isn't it?
Isis By the way, the Y-lug is also a thick solid augmented line. This Y lug alone could be a normal ring...(^^;) Driven by such an evil thought? I was driven by such an evil thought, and watched it carefully. The comparison object is Stereovox LSP-600 & Augline Jumper.
The cable I borrowed or rather made for me is naturally new, so I started with aging. It seems to take a little time to age compared to the conventional augmented line because of the thicker wire. It seems to take 1-2 weeks (I can't keep playing for a long time, so it takes 1-2 months in fact) even if I keep playing.
The Stereovox was not as narrow as the Jorma Design No.1, so this spatial expression is amazing. As for resolution, I don't feel that the mid and high frequencies are particularly different, but the low frequency resolution is slightly better. Even in my environment, there is a feeling that the low frequency range extends downward, so I think it would be great in an environment with more low frequency range.
On the other hand, as the low frequency range extends, the sense of extension in the high frequency range seems to decrease, and the ceiling, which used to feel like it was two stories high, now feels like it is 1.5 stories high. Also, I have recently been concerned about the sense of speed, and Stereovox is a cut above the rest in terms of the sharpness of drums. I didn't feel a big change in tone, but this is probably due to the augmented line jumpers. I tried the Stereovox jumper last year when the yen was high, but when I removed the Augline jumper, the tone and glossiness faded and I immediately put it back.
Looking at my previous notes on the Stereovox LSP-600 and the Jorma Design No. 1, the spatial representation was equal, the low-frequency resolution and sink was slightly better with the Jorma Design, and the high-frequency extension and sharpness of the sound was better with the Stereovox LSP-600. I thought the Jorma Design No. 1 was a very good cable, but the Aug-Line Isis is an even better cable than the Jorma Design No. 1.
*Audio Dad