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Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-5/ HS-5S Titanium Headshell

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Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-5/ HS-5S Titanium Headshell

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Attached lead wire
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I want to listen to the music of the extreme color and get high.

Titanium headshells

HS-5 and HS-5S are new type headshells made of high-strength and relatively lightweight metal titanium.

The material is high-purity titanium with an austere gray appearance, light and strong, and is the most promising material for headshells among metallic materials. Titanium has a specific gravity of 4.5, about half that of brass and other materials, and is as hard as steel, so it has recently been used for various tools. Of course, in the field of acoustics, titanium is also used for horn driver diaphragms, etc., so it can be said that its merits in terms of sound quality are significant. Titanium is also famous for being a difficult material to process, and we believe that this company is the first to use titanium in headshells.

HS-5 is a standard type with shell leads, and HS-5S is a type with 6N copper wire soldered directly to the connector. HS-5S has the advantage of sound quality due to one less contact point to pass through, although the shell leads cannot be replaced, and the sound clarity is greatly improved. The finished weight including lead wires is 18.4g. It is a little heavy, but unlike carbon fiber, the weight and strength unique to metal are appealing. The lightweight type made of titanium is also available.HS-6and the lightweight type HS-6 made of titanium.

The company's titanium productsBT-1andTY-1TY-1, the sound will be more speedy and powerful.

Magazine Evaluation

The sound has a clear edge, with everything coming forward. It is also a tonic for the system as it asserts itself clearly and assertively. The bass is low and thick. I'm the type of person who likes to listen to music and get excited, so this was the best fit for me. However, some might say that it is too colorful. In any case, it would be the opposite of the dignified line of Asada Sakurazuge.
*analog magazine
Material Body: Pure titanium Finger rest: Brass (non-magnetic gold-plated) Connector sleeve and stopper pin: Pure titanium Connector pin: Machined from phosphor bronze, gold-plated phosphor bronze Connector insulation: Teflon
Dimensions 18(W) 50(L) 16(H)mm
Weight 18.4g
Shell lead HS-5: Standard type shell lead included HS-5S: Teflon insulated, extra thick copper wire shell lead included
Accessories 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws included