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Yamamoto Sound Craft
HS-4 Carbon Headshell

Product code: hs4

Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-4 Carbon Headshell

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Accessory lead
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Greatly improves the freshness !

High strength, lightweight carbon fiber

Characteristic of carbon fiber boasts about twice the high rigidity of steel, about 1/5 weight of steel, sound speed (sound propagation speed) is also excellent.
For HS-4 and HS-4S, the carbon fiber was molded to a thick size of 5 mm, maintaining high strength finished into a head shell. The most important material for the head shell is light weight, high strength, less resonance. Carbon fiber is the best material that meets all these requirements.
Powerful at high speed from low to high, lots of information, lively reproduction, transperancy and distinct sound, those things should improve the sound of a familiar cartridge.

HS-4 is provided standard lead wires, HS-4S is soldered with high quality 6N copper lead wires. Soldered HS-4S can not exchange other lead wire though, it has reduction of electrical contact to improve sound quality. The freshness of the sound greatly improves.

The finished weight including the lead wire is considerably lighter, approximately 11g. It meets the ideal condition as a head shell of light weight and high rigidity.
The lighter the weight, the higher its sensitivity, and contributing to improving information volume.
In case of difficult to make ideal weight balance of the tonearm, it becomes easily to make good balance with using weight adjustable washer Yamamoto WA-1.

It is adjustable the degree of shell and connecter by a screw on side of the shell. It allows to adopt various tonearms, cartridges and turntables.
Material Body: 5mm thickness carbon fiber Finger-hook part: Brass (nonmagnetic Gold plating finish)
Dimensions 18(W) 50(L) 18(H)mm
Weight 10.7g
Shell lead Standard lead wire
Supplied stuff Brass (nonmagnetic Gold plating finish)
It sound like concentrate picking up information from the disc compare to wooden shell. HS-4 was the most poetry so far. Fine sounds and nuances were also well out.
Suppressed enclosure squeal, excellent Signal/Noise ratio, it was a high-end speaker-like feeling.