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Yamamoto Sound Craft
HS-1A African ebony Headshell

Product code: HS-1A

Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-1A African ebony Headshell

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Attached lead wire

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Beautiful ebony headshell with beautiful resonance

High-grade ebony headshells for musical instruments

HS-1A and HS-1As are made of African ebony, a beautiful black material used for oboes and clarinets.
By using a head shell made of wood with high internal loss, the effect of its resonance can be considerably reduced.
To preserve the texture of the wood and its feel, it is buffed and coated with an eco-friendly wood protective paint system that has almost no effect on the human body. Experience the unique appearance and warmth of wood. We invite you to experience with your own ears the natural and ear-friendly sound that is completely different from that of ordinary metal shells.

Because of the light weight of this product, gold-plated brass screws are included in the set screws. Since brass has a high specific gravity, you can increase the dead weight a little by using longer screws. The brass screws are gold-plated on a non-magnetic base, so they can be used with confidence. The finger rest is also non-magnetic and gold-plated, so it can be used safely with MC cartridges, which are greatly affected by magnetic forces.

The head shell angle can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of arms.

The HS-1As has Teflon-insulated, extra-thick 6N copper wire shell leads for added power. The shell leads are soldered to the head shell, which improves the sound quality by reducing the number of electrical contacts.
Material Body: African ebony wood (buffed with eco-friendly paint) Finger rest: Brass (non-magnetic gold-plated finish)
Dimensions 18(W)x50(L)x18(H) mm
Weight 10.6g
Shell lead HS-1A: Standard shell lead HS-1As: Teflon insulated, extra thick copper wire shell leads
Accessories 3 types of gold-plated brass mounting screws
The sound is excellent due to the use of a very hard instrument material. The sound is well-defined and has a wide musical range, handling a variety of genres with ease.