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Yamamoto Sound Craft
HS-1A African ebony Headshell

Product code: HS-1A

Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-1A African ebony Headshell

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Beautiful sound ebony head shell

Luxury instrument material ofebony head shell

HS-1A is made of the high quality African ebony that is the material of musical instruments, the oboe and the clarinet.
as using woden shell, the influence of resonance can be suppressed considerably.

It comes with the gold plated brass screws. Brass screws made non magneticsurface treatment, also the finger hook is given non magnetic gold plating as well.

It can adjust the head shell angle, hence it corresponds to various arms.

HS-1As is equipped directly soldered extra thick 6N copper wirewith teflon insulated tube, hence it became more powerful. And also it has reduction of electrical contact to improve sound quality.
Material Body: African ebony Finger-hook part: Brass (nonmagnetic Gold plating finish)
Dimensions 18(W)x 50(L)x 18(H) mm
Weight 10.6g
Shell lead HS-1A: Standard shell lead HS-1As: Teflon insulateed6N copper
Supplied stuff Gold plated brass screw 3set
The HS-1A uses very hard instrument materials, the sound of resonance is wonderful. The sound is completely outlined, the range of music genre is quiet wide, thus it can handle them well.