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4 core flat cable

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Aug-Line 4 core flat cable

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Re-cable for headphone

Twisted wire construction

Augline 4-core flat cable is a replacement cable developed for headphone and earphone cables. 0.16φ gold-silver-platinum alloy "Augline + Pt" is used in a 7-wire stranded wire structure with high strength, and touch noise is virtually eliminated by making it a flat cable. The cable is relatively flexible and can be used with a wide range of applications. The cable is relatively flexible and can be used flexibly. Since it is a flat cable, there is no need for additional sheathing, and it is convenient for use with earphones and headphones as-is. By replacing with an augmented 4-core flat cable, the muffled sound and muddy bass of headphones and earphones will be clarified in the entire range, and the muddiness will be eliminated. Cellos and other stringed instruments also sound lustrous and listening fatigue is considerably eliminated, so we recommend this cable for those who are troubled with lines and want to escape from the muddiness.
Although the resolution and resolution are higher, it has an exquisite softness that does not sting too much, so you can enjoy music for a long time without getting tired of it.
Strand composition 7/0.16mm approx. 0.14sq (equivalent to AWG26)
Cable outer diameter Approx. 1.0mm x 4.0mm
Material Gold and silver (auger line) + platinum alloy