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4 core flat cable

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Aug-Line 4 core flat cable

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Replacement cable for headphones

Stranded wire structure

Aug-Line 4 core flat cable is a replacement cable developed for headphone / earphone cable. It made the wire stranded structure of 0.16 mm gold silver platinum alloy to take 7 strengths, and made it flat cable, almost eliminated the touch noise of the cable. It is relatively flexible, we respond flexibly when using it. Because it is a flat cable, it is convenient because it can be used as it is for earphones and headphones without the need for coating or additional. By exchanging with a 4-wire flat cable, the unclear sound of headphones and earphones and muddy bass become clear in the whole area and cloudiness is also eliminated. String instruments such as cello also glossy sound, listening fatigue is also considerably eliminated, so those who are troubled by the replacement cable are recommended for escaping the mud pool.