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Fidelix PCA-25 Phono Curve Adjuster

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Fidelix PCA-25 Phono Curve Adjuster

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Flexible control of phono curve

Increase the variation of the phono curve by simply adding it to the phono equalizer.


By connecting behind a RIAA-only phono equalizer, 25 additional curves are added from the BASS and TREBLE combinations, making it compatible with major EQ curves other than RIAA. This allows you to enjoy old records without any worries.

High purity of sound quality is achieved by using only passive elements that do not require amplifiers or power supplies. Since this is pure analog technology, we are particularly particular about the parts used: the resistors are non-magnetic resistors made by PRP in the U.S., the capacitors are PPS type solidified with a special resin, and all contacts are gold-plated. Continuous variable is avoided,A rotary switch is used for sound quality. It has a completely mono construction with no conductivity to the left and right grounds, and a non-magnetic aluminum chassis.

A mono switch is provided to accommodate older recordings. Monaural records are attractive for their waist-high sound quality with concentrated left and right energy and good performance. A stereo cartridge can also play a monaural LP, but the sound is spread out and its energy is scattered. Monaural records have about 3dB better SN than simple stereo listening with a monaural or monaural connection, and surface noise is reduced by 3dB with the PCA-25 by turning on the monaural switch. By using the mono switch, you will hear the same unwavering and unwavering conviction as you would with a mono cartridge.

Even with RIAA records, there are many recordings where you may want to raise or lower the high frequencies a little. In such cases, this unit allows you to freely make adjustments.The PCA-25 is a simple unit that minimizes sound quality degradation, allowing you to enjoy a free and comfortable audio life.

In addition, the PCA-25 can also be used forPCA-25 can be used withIf you want to use the PCA-25 with XLR, apply one unit exclusively for positive signals and the other unit exclusively for negative signals. Two units can be used externally, one with XLR to RCA conversion cords and the other with RCA to XLR conversion cords.

Dimensions W140 x H50 x D100 mm
Weight 450 g