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Fidelix Direct Coupled Cartridge MC-F1000

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Fidelix Direct Coupled Cartridge MC-F1000

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Stress-free, light and refreshing high frequency by direct coupling


The basic structure of the MC-F1000 is similar to that of JVC's MC-L1000, which directly converts the movement of the needle before it passes through the cantilever. The advantage of picking up sound at the tip of the needle is that it provides a lot of information and detailed nuance.

The effective diameter of the coil is as small as 0.8mm.

The distance between the black wires is 1mm and the diameter of the cantilever is 0.6mm.

The idea is to adsorb magnetic debris with another strong magnet in a magne-clean structure. Already in the prototype stage, a small amount of magnetic debris adhered here, and this amount prevented it from entering the interior. The coil consists of three layers of four turns of 17μ wire for a total of 12 turns, with an impedance of 6Ω.

Since it is a homebase coil, there is little change in output due to changes in needle pressure. As a result, it is more stable against warping and shaking. Also, there is a hole in the center of the coil, making it very light. The stylus, cantilever and coil are closely coupled as shown in the photo, so it is truly a direct coupling. The back-and-forth oscillating resonance of the coil is so small that it is not a problem at all. Since this is a direct coupling system, the cantilever is made of aluminum, which makes it easier to get an accurate angle.

The MC-F1000 does not use a cantilever, but uses a small hole drilled in an aluminum pipe and a press-fit method to insert a diamond needle, resulting in a highly accurate and strong coupling. The direct coupling and lightweighting resulted in a light and refreshing high frequency range without any stress. Violins, sopranos, and female vocals are especially beautiful, and the haunting love story of Teresatine is piercing.

The body is made of hard, rust-resistant aluminum. The 2.6mm-diameter stop screws are available both untapped and tapped, allowing for a variety of uses. The cantilever assembly is seamless and integrally constructed to support the cantilever assembly as solidly as possible. The cover is also made of the same material, but this one has a gray anodized (anodized) finish. The strong body design contributes to the clarity and power of the bass instruments.

Form Direct Coupled MC Cartridge
Needle pressure 1.3g to 1.6g (recommended range)
Frequency response 8Hz-45kHz
Output voltage 0.18mV 5cm/sec 1kHz lateral
Load Impedance 10 ohms or more, preferably in the G (Giga) ohm range
Effective coil diameter 0.8mm (12 turns in 3 layers of 4 turns with 17μ wire)
Weight 8.4g
Needle tip height 17mm
Mounting screw Two types: untapped and tapped
Measures against magnetic dust Blocked by MagneClean system
Accessories Needle cover, head shell MITCHAKU, stylus cleaner SASUPA



Astonished by the tremendous amount of information and energy

I used the Fidex LEGGIERO phono equalizer amplifier, which has a low input equivalent noise of -156dbV and a high input impedance of 1GΩ. The ultra-high resolution sound was extremely fresh and had tremendous instantaneous power. The amount of transient information is so large that it is as if you are watching a slow-motion video of the moment-by-moment changes in sound, such as a stick hitting a cymbal and playing it, a piano or guitar rapidly changing amplitude and timbre immediately after being played, or a singer's voice changing quality and breathing. Moreover, the intense energy generated at the moment a bass string is plucked or a kick drum beater hits the skin is beautifully reproduced, and I was overwhelmed by the power of the raging sound. Since it does not feel habitual at all, it is suitable for any musical genre. Note that the output voltage is low at 0.18mV, so an ultra-low noise phono equalizer amplifier is required to really bring it into its full potential.

Smooth and exceptionally rich in information

Federix develops and sells analog-related equipment and is highly regarded by enthusiasts. The company has been engaged in research and development for many years. They have finally completed a direct-coupled, air-core MC cartridge. If its sound quality is compared to that of iron-core MC cartridges, the main feature is that it has a clear, smooth sound like that of analog tape playback, and the sound transparency is extremely high. This power generation method also faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of the recording location, and the amount of information is exceptionally rich. In particular, the reproducibility of weak sounds that might be buried in noise is particularly high, and these weak sounds seem to be added to the doubling of instruments and voices, resulting in even richer reproduction of overtones. Also, compared to the iron-core MC, the rise of sound is less pronounced, and the rise of sound is more natural. Although low frequencies tend to be subdued with this method, we were also satisfied with the volume of the low frequencies. The phono equalizer used was the company's LEGGIERO, which did not lack in gain, and the tone was slightly warmer and the rise of sound was more agile.

* MJ Radio and Experiments