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"etsuro urushi" MC cartridge

Product code: etsuro_red

EXCEL SOUND "etsuro urushi" MC cartridge

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A small work of art aiming for supremacy

A fusion of the latest technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship produces a vivid analog sound.

Etsuro Lacquer" is the result of a collaboration of proven technology, extensive experience, and the traditional Japanese craft of lacquering.

Solid sapphire wood is used for the base.

The cartridge base, which is the heart of the cartridge, is made of 2.5mm sapphire. The direct method, in which the vibration transmission mechanism is incorporated as an integral part, thoroughly eliminates signal loss.

The stylus tip is made of "Super Microline Diamond tip" which has a curvature of 80μ on the contact surface with the sound groove of the record. It accurately traces the ultra-fine sound groove and reproduces the sound source engraved on the analog disc as it is. The cantilever is made of 0.4mm dia. ultra-precision sapphire pipe material, which boasts the second highest hardness after diamond, and realizes clear sound with no distortion and excellent high-speed transmission.

The magnetic circuit is based on a combination of electromagnetic soft iron and samarium-cobalt magnets, realizing magnetic characteristics in harmony with coil vibration. The cartridge housing and base are made of sapphire material, and the housing is specially reinforced and lacquered with lacquer, a traditional Japanese craft. When the lacquer hardens, it forms a tough coating film that can withstand high heat and adheres tightly to the housing to suppress the characteristic duralumin squeal. The cartridge housing cover is finished in Urushi Bordeaux, a fusion of the latest materials and technology that brings tradition to the modern age. The lacquer used is black lacquer for the base and adhesive lacquer for the foil application. In the areas that maximize the sense of depth, several kinds of colored silver foils, smoked with sulfur, are applied like chigiri-e (tear-off pictures). The Etsuro Urushi logo is covered with gold leaf. The superb luster and texture of the lacquer is truly a small work of art. When the craftsmanship with over half a century of experience and achievements meets a project that aims for supremacy, the analog record begins a new chapter in its history.
Impedance 3ohms/1kHz
Appropriate needle pressure 2.0g
Frequency range 10Hz~50kHz
Separation 33dB/1kHz
Needle tip 80μMicroline diamond
Cantilever 0.4φ sapphire pipe
Output voltage 0.25mV/1kHz
Trackability >70μm/2g
Body Cartridge base: Sapphire Cartridge housing: Super Duralumin (A7075)
Housing Processing Special lacquer coating
Weight 8.8g