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"etsuro.urushi COBALT BLUE" cartridge

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EXCEL SOUND "etsuro.urushi COBALT BLUE" cartridge

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Vivid analog sound created by the fusion of the latest technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship

Higher sound quality at a lower price than its predecessor
The "etsuro urushi" COBALT BLUE is the second product of the brand's "etsuro urushi" cartridge, which was released in November 2015. It inherits many features of the original model. The cobalt blue coloring is the result of a careful examination with Sakamoto Otozou Shoten, a company that carries out the traditional Japanese lacquer coating process for urushi lacquer finishing.

Super duralumin (A7075 material) is used for the base.

By changing the cartridge base (the black part in the product image) from sapphire to super-duralumin, a reasonable price was achieved.

The stylus tip is made of "Microline Diamond tip" which has a curvature of 80μ on the contact surface with the sound groove of a record. High reproduction characteristics are realized in a wide sound bandwidth. The cantilever is made of 0.4mm dia. ultra-precision sapphire pipe material. Sapphire boasts the second-highest hardness after diamond and provides clear sound with no distortion and excellent high-speed guidance transmission.

The magnetic circuit is based on a combination of electromagnetic soft iron and samarium-cobalt magnets, realizing magnetic characteristics in harmony with coil vibration. The cartridge housing and base are made of super duralumin (A7075), and the housing is specially strengthened and coated with lacquer, a traditional Japanese craft. When the lacquer hardens, it forms a tough coating film that can withstand high heat and adheres tightly to the housing to suppress the squeaking characteristic of duralumin. The superb luster and texture of Urushi lacquer is truly a small work of art. When craftsmanship with over half a century of experience and achievements meets a project that aims for supremacy, the analog record begins a new chapter in its history.
Impedance 3ohms/1kHz
Appropriate needle pressure 2.0g
Frequency range 15Hz~50kHz
Separation 30dB/1kHz
Needle tip 80μMicroline
Cantilever 0.4φ sapphire pipe
Output voltage 0.25mV/1kHz
Trackability >70μm/2g
Body Ultra-super duralumin (A7075)
Weight 8.1g
Magazine Rating
The rich information content of the direct-cut disc, which was recorded directly from the master source, seems to have been picked up and accurately converted into a musical signal without loss. Soulful female vocals are reproduced with just the right amount of tension and volume, and the brass session is full of brilliance and breadth. Drum shots rise quickly, and the sound of the drums is reproduced with realistic body and energy. The groove of the chorus and bass line is also faithfully portrayed, and the music seems to have more of a groove to it. The remastered sound source has an expanded f-range compared to the original, but Etsuro Urushi COBALT BLUE reproduced the differences accurately, and a highly fresh sound was heard. The piano has a natural, habit-free texture, and the powerful attack sound and sense of scale of the concert are more realistic.