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Emission Labs EML300B -Mesh Long Anode Version Matched Pair

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Emission Labs EML300B -Mesh Long Anode Version Matched Pair

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More transparent sound Stage,.More realistic stereo reproduction

300B with the magic and transparency of wire mesh anode tubes


The EML 300B mesh is a somewhat surprisingly great vacuum tube. This tube is not plug & play compatible with the 300B, so care must be taken when using it, but excellent sound quality can be obtained.

Sound characteristics of the EML 300B-Mesh tube

Why Mesh Anodes? When you install a mesh anode on a vacuum tube, something magical happens to the sound! We believe this is due to the superior damping properties of the wire mesh material. Solid plate anodes have a circular structure and therefore have a significant ringing (bell-like effect). Mesh anodes do not have this effect. In most cases, you will experience a more transparent soundstage with mesh tubing. This means a more realistic stereo reproduction of the original sound recording. With mesh tubes, you can enjoy the best that small triode tubes have to offer.

Speakers must match the amplifier.

It is a mistake to play very high efficiency speakers with a "muscle" type amplifier such as a KT88 amp or 300B. A typical low-power amplifier will work better with such speakers. However, if the speaker's efficiency is low, the 300B amp will have to operate at maximum output, which will not only cause distortion, but before that, the dynamics and harmonic behavior of the amp will be compromised. This would result in a sound that is not as delicate as the amplifier is intended to be, but the opposite. For this reason, amplifiers and speakers must be well matched in terms of efficiency.

EML 300B-Mesh is designed to be used only with low and medium-low output 300B amplifiers. Therefore, it cannot be used with very high output 300B amplifiers. (Please consider EML 300B or EML 300B-XLS).

Smaller sized tubes have always produced the finest, sweetest sound.To get enough loudness, use a speaker chassis with a powerful magnet. Power requirements are only a few watts.From this perspective, the EML 300B-Mesh is a remarkable product. Even with some reduction in loudness.It is a tube for listeners who want a more triode-like sound, with the magic and transparency of a wire mesh anode tube.

EML300B-Mesh can replace other manufacturers' 300B-Mesh tubes if the following conditions are met

    1. Bias and anode power consumption must be reduced from 22W to an absolute maximum of 28W. (see table below)
    2. Capable of supplying a minimum filament current of 1.4 amperes
    3. Longer tube lengths are not a problem. (as with closed amplifiers)
    4. Single amplifier: Plate voltage 400V or less with fixed bias, output 5~6W or less. Self-biased, plate voltage 450V or less, output 4~5W or less.
    5. Push-pull Amplifier:. Fixed bias, plate voltage of 400V or less, output power of 12~15W or less. Self-biased with plate voltage of 450V or less and output of 8 to 10W or less.

EML300B-Mesh is a "long anode" version. Like regular 300B-Mesh, the anode is 25% longer. The physical size of this tube inside and out is the same as the larger 520B tube manufactured by EML, so it is much larger than one would expect from the 300B-Mesh. Please review the dimensions at the end of this data sheet.

Heat dissipation in wire mesh is lower than in solid plate anodes. Therefore, the maximum anode consumption for continuous use of 300B-Mesh should be limited to the normal 22W or the absolute maximum of 28W. However, these are classic usage conditions for some Japanese products. Many other amplifiers exceed this figure, but if anode consumption is unknown, it is important to check with the amplifier manufacturer first.

  • Gray wire mesh anodes mounted on a rigid metal frame for maximum stability.
  • Gold plated, wolfram grid
  • Soft rubber suspended tube
  • Cathode Tap Filament
  • Slow-start filaments for maximum life
  • Carbide structure
  • Oversized getter
  • Hand blown glass ball
  • Anti-microphonic anodes and grid suspensions
  • These tubes are shipped in high quality dual boxes.
  • Tubes printed with real gold (metal), the red color is glass baked into the glass.
  • Gold plated pins, black ceramic sockets with white bottom

EML 300B-Mesh Filament Rating

Filament Voltage = 5 volts AC or DC
Filament voltage tolerance 4%

Filament current

~1.4 amperes

300B-Mesh Mesh Maximum Conditions
Maximum current and maximum voltage cannot be used simultaneously

Maximum anode voltage 450V

Anode current
Peak Anode Dissipation 28W

Grid resistance @ anode dissipation = 22W

100k.... .350k


Grid resistance @ anode consumption = 24W

100k.... .250k


Grid resistance @ anode consumption = 26W

100k.... .140k


Grid resistance @ anode consumption = 28W

Less than 100kΩ

* For best life expectancy, it is recommended to select anode consumption of up to 26W, but 28W is also possible as a compromise with life expectancy.If you need higher output than 300B-Mesh, select standard 300B-Mesh or upgrade to 300B-XLS.


148 x 65 mm

145 g