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Insulator for Eau Rouge outlet base SG-CBSS

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Insulator for Eau Rouge outlet base SG-CBSS

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Specially designed for audio

You can feel the physical sound quality improvement

Eau Rouge has developed an original CFRP material that no other company has, through years of research, by selecting a hybrid carbon fiber composition and unique lamination method that incorporates very expensive high modulus carbon fiber, which is about 3 times stronger than ordinary carbon fiber, designed specifically for audio applications. SG-CB/HG, which is made by using these materials sparingly, has been loved by many customers as an item that is reasonably priced but has less sound habit and improves physical sound quality such as quietness, wide range, and energy.
Eau RougeEau Rouge's outlet base was developed based on the idea of grounding vibration, and the higher grade ER-BX/PS has a structure with an insulator placed inside.
This concept has been taken over and further evolved from the existing outlet base.
Of course, Eau Rougeproducts, but can also be used with a variety of outlet bases sold by audio manufacturers.
The spikes can be oriented both on the wall and on the outlet base, allowing for installation according to your preference in sound quality.
The concept is not to suppress vibrations, but to open up the ability to sound to the utmost limit! This is the concept behind this product. The spike shape is extremely beneficial for grounding vibration, and SG-CBSS is the ultimate form of this concept.
Dimensions W70 x H120 x D10mm (including spike)