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Eau Rouge Carbon Analog Stabilizer SG-ASE

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Eau Rouge Carbon Analog Stabilizer SG-ASE

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Hybrid composition of 4 types of carbon fiber with different characteristics

Reproduces a wide range from ultra-low tones to ultra-high tones

Manufactured from an original audio CFRP laminate developed by Eau Rouge.
The laminate is made of high modulus carbon fiber, a very expensive material that is about 3 times stronger and 3 times faster in vibration attenuation than ordinary carbon fiber.
It is composed of a hybrid of four different types of carbon fibers with different characteristics, and is characterized by a high dispersion of resonance peaks and the absence of peculiar peaks compared to materials made from the same carbon fiber alone.
Therefore, it is an excellent material that further enhances the characteristics of CFRP, such as light weight and high rigidity, and can reproduce a wide range of sound from ultra-low to ultra-high tones with less sound habit and distortion inherent to the material.

Furthermore, this analog stabilizer is shaped like a small oval as shown in the photo.
The width and height are designed according to the golden ratio, and it is less likely to have structural resonance peaks compared to a circular shape without any device.

Of course, you can simply place this stabilizer on the record disc, but since CFRP is also a very good insulator, it can also be used as a spacer between your heavyweight stabilizer and the record.

This item can be expected to improve the sharpness, extension, spatiality, quietness, and sense of localization of the sound. Carbon has a high-frequency noise blocking property, so it can also be used as a noise countermeasure for wall outlets.

Dimensions W69 x H43 x D6mm
Center hole diameter 7.4mm dia.