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Eau Rouge CFRP outlet plate SG-2BP/SG-3BP

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Eau Rouge CFRP outlet plate SG-2BP/SG-3BP

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Base and plate for 2 and 3 outlets

Items that raise the grade of sound and images several notches.

SG-2BP and SG-3BP are upgrade products for wiring fixtures that integrate connectors and outlets.
Because CFRP is lightweight and highly rigid, it has a very high resonance frequency of its own, and does not have coloration, a phenomenon in which the tone changes due to interference between the sound emitted and the reflected sound that is delayed by reflections off walls and other surfaces. In addition, because of its electromagnetic wave blocking effect, noise that enters the power supply line can be suppressed, resulting in increased sound transparency and fine musical expression.

This is not a mere decorative item, but an item that will raise the grade of sound and images by several levels.

The most significant feature of the SG-2BP and SG-3BP is that the outlet base and outlet plate are sold as a set, which allows us to provide dedicated outlet plate fixing screws at the four corners.
Normally, the outlet plate is fixed only by the screws in the center, but by adding the fixing screws in the four corners, the plate does not shake even in terms of vibration, and as a result, the density, energy, and thickness of the sound are further increased.