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Eau Rouge power cable ER-PS450 1.8M

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Eau Rouge power cable ER-PS450 1.8M

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Ultrafine high purity copper wire andOxygen-free copper shield

ExtremelyHighest quality power cable with low distortion


Developed based on the newly developed Eau Rouge original cable No.516.
No.516 is a super fine copper wire of 0.04mm diameter coated with enamel, bundled into 3000 strands, and twisted very loosely to minimize the increase in inductance.
With its overwhelming conductor cross-sectional area, this cable is like having the best of both Litz wire and ultra-thick single wire.
And it uses Eau Rouge's original shield woven with oxygen-free copper.
The important terminals are,Eau RougeEau Rouge's specialty, ultra-thick sterling silver plated terminals are used for important terminals.
This has resulted in a power cable with extremely low distortion and the highest physical characteristics as well as audio tone quality.

Conductor Ultra fine copper wire
Shield Original oxygen-free copper woven shield structure
Length 1.8M