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Eau Rouge CFRP outlet plate/base ER-CPZ2 ER-BZ/PS2

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Eau Rouge CFRP outlet plate/base ER-CPZ2 ER-BZ/PS2

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Aramid honeycomb + top quality CFRP

Reproduces music information more densely than ever before

The ER-CPZ2 uses the highest performance aramid honeycomb inside and overlays it with CFRP fibers to create a two-story structure, which increases the vibration absorption performance and body rigidity.
The carbon fiber is made of 80-ton microfiber, the highest grade currently available, and is custom-ordered and molded using Eau Rouge's unique high-end audio laminates. The resonance frequency was thoroughly controlled by changing the CFRP fiber and lamination pattern for each part. The product was created without compromise in terms of rigidity and design. As a result of the fusion of new ideas and processing technology that evolved after careful consideration, the ultimate outlet plate was completed, with a lightweight and rigidity that is unparalleled in the world.

ER-BZ/PS2 has evolved significantly from the previous model. The sandwich structure of aramid honeycomb and CFRP, the use of 80-ton ultrafine carbon fiber, the highest grade currently available, and the use of the highest-performance aramid honeycomb are used. In addition, the rigidity of the body as a whole has been increased, and design consideration has also been given.
Despite the improved performance, a significant cost reduction has been achieved. Traditionally, the outlet base has been considered only as a wall reinforcement, but by making it function as an active insulator, Eau Rouge greatly brings out the inherent sense of energy, and the music information overflows like a raging torrent as if the limiter has been removed over the entire area.
The sound obtained from the high S/N improvement, dignified airiness, and high texture common to CFRP products is breathtaking. The ultimate outlet base with great appeal has been completed.

By using this ultimate outlet plate and base as a set, you can use the special fixing screws at the four corners, which were not available on the existing base and plate. The effect of these exclusive screws is tremendous.
Conventional plates fixed with a single screw in the center of the outlet were vulnerable to vibration, and rattling was a natural consequence. As a result, there was a large loss of energy and a muddy sound. However, by designing the base and plate as a dedicated set, the two can be firmly fixed with screws and become an integrated structure, evolving into a component that exceeds the performance limits of both. The result is a component that exceeds the limits of performance of both components, reproducing musical information more densely than ever before in a vast sound field space, and reproducing a wide range of frequencies from ultra-low to ultra-high. The system is able to accurately and expressively depict the passion of the performers, the texture of the instruments, and the temperature of the music. The luster and bounce of each note has been sublimated to the point where you can feel a superb smoothness, and the audio system has reached a level where you can even feel a sense of divinity.
This is an indispensable item for high-end audio systems.
ER-CPZ2 100(W)×150(H)×51(D)mm
ER-BZ/PS2 100(W)×150(H)×26(D)mm